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The kick-ass hand creams from The Body Shop & Clinique

If you've followed my blog for a while then you may have heard me (repeatedly) rave about The Body Shop's little hand creams, which were by far my favourite hands creams of the ones I've tried. Well there's now a new favourite in town and although it may not have quite pipped The Body Shop to the top spot (I'll explain why shortly) it is definitely coming a very close second. 

The kick-ass hand creams - The Body Shop & Clinique

Although The Body Shop do a few different types of hand creams my favourites are the ones that cost £4 each. You can get them in pretty much every scent The Body Shop do (if not all of them) and each year for Christmas they bring out a few festive Christmas editions, including the gorgeous Glazed apple. They're light but moisturising and most importantly for me they disappear completely within a couple of minutes leaving behind no greasy or sticky residue, so you can just get on with whatever you need to do. My current scent of choice is Wild argan oil but other favourites include Coconut and of course the Christmas limited edition Glazed apple, but all of them are equally as good.

I've had Clinique's Deep comfort hand and cuticle cream sitting in my stash for a while now and to be honest I'm really not sure where this came from. I would guess this was in a prize bundle I received from Debenhams when I won a competition based around their beauty awards, but I don't know that for sure. My hands, nails and cuticles really suffered when I moved house and I recently decided to pull this out and give it a try. I wish I'd done it sooner! 

I love that this is quite a rich cream, but yet just like The Body Shop hand cream this is completely absorbed within a couple of minutes and it leaves absolutely nothing behind. That really is quite a feat for a richer hand cream. This is usually the sort of cream I would use just before going to bed but I've been using this all through the day as and when needed. My cuticles and around my nails is usually a bit of a problem area and I have to try and remember to use cuticle oil each evening, but I haven't really had to bother since I've been using this. 

I really can't recommend this hand cream enough, so why hasn't it pipped my current favourite to the top spot? That is purely down to price. As I've already mentioned The Body Shop hand creams are just £4 each, whereas Clinique's offering comes in at £18.50, so it's far from a budget option at over four times the price. However, the Clinique hand cream does contain double that of The Body Shop's with 75ml compared to 30ml. If you can stretch to Clinique's I would definitely recommend it, but if not The Body Shop's is the next best bet for me. 

Have you tried either of these hand creams?

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  1. Body Shop hand creams brought me out in a terrible rash so I've avoided them since even though I love the smell. The Clinique one sounds nice :)

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

    1. Oh no, how strange! You must be allergic to one of the ingredients they use. I do occasionally suffer from contact dermatitis on my hands but have never had a problem with the hand creams irritating me in any way x

  2. I love that you said the body shop moisturizer sinks right in! I hate having greasy hands!


    1. Ooh I do too, I can't stand using a hand cream in the day that takes ages to sink in and leaves you with sticky hands x


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