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Yankee Candle Riviera Escape & Home Sweet Home

Talk about good timing; the day after I moved in to my new house I received an email from Love Aroma asking if I'd like to try out some of Yankee Candles new fragrances. As I mentioned in my Candle Belle post I wanted to start burning candles in my new home, so of course I said yes. 

As I was corresponding with Love Aroma I noticed that their head office is based in Allestree in Derby, just five miles from the house I'd just moved out of! When I mentioned this I was told one of their colleagues had just moved from Gloucestershire to Derby, so we'd done a one in one out.

A few days later I received the Riviera Escape House gift set* with a Votive candle holder* and a medium jar in Home Sweet Home* (because I'd just moved house!).

Yankee Candle Riviera Escape & Home Sweet Home
Yankee Candle Riviera Escape & Home Sweet Home
Yankee Candle Riviera Escape & Home Sweet Home

Love Aroma are the largest independent retailer for Yankee Candle in Britain and their first store was in Derbyshire. They later launched their website and now have several stores around the country, including in Intu Derby, which I visited just before I left Derby to buy a burner to go with my mums Candle Belle melts. 

The Riviera Escape House gift set contains six votive size candles in summery scents. The first one that caught my eye was lavender, which I won't be using because I hate the smell, so I'll be passing this one on to somebody who will appreciate it. The other scents however I am happy with. The ones that appeal to me the most are definitely Sicilian Lemon, Sea Salt & Sage and Summer Peach. Two of them are quite self-explanatory; Sicilian Lemon smells like lemon and Summer Peach smells like peach, and then Sea Salt & Sage smells like salty sea air but with a twang that is obviously sage. Olive & Thyme I might have to see what I think when I actually burn it but it has a herb based kind of scent. I'm not sure what olives smell like as I don't actually eat them. Finally, Riviera Escape is a hard one to describe. I'd say it's quite a fresh and floral scent and I quite like it, It does make me think of a sunny day.

Yankee Candle Riviera Escape & Home Sweet Home

The only one out of the votive's that I've actually burned yet is Sicilian Lemon and I have to say I was a little disappointed with the scent throw from this one. I could smell it if I hovered my nose over the burning candle, but I'm not sure I could particularly smell it any further away. The best test would probably be to go out of the room for a few minutes and then come back in as you can get used to a scent quite quickly. 

Yankee Candle Riviera Escape & Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home is one that actually makes me think of Christmas because it has a very strong cinnamon fragrance. This one is part of the Food & Spice collection and also contains a blend of baking spices and freshly poured tea. Although this one really doesn't feel seasonally appropriate to me at the moment I have given it a try and this one has a very good throw. I could smell this in my room and down to the bottom of the stairs (which are just outside my door) until the following day (I burned this the evening before). I think this would be a great one to burn around Christmas time, if you're a fan of cinnamon scents, to get you in the festive mood, maybe while decorating the tree. 

What is your favourite Yankee Candle scent? 
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  1. they all look fab. I actually have only 2 YC candles. I have to pick few more up coz I love the two I own

    1. I do really like them but the larger candles are a little pricey, although not compared to some brands! x


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