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The Original Konjac Sponge from The Konjac Sponge Co

Konjac sponges are one of those things that I've always been curious about but have never actually got round to giving one a try. When I saw that The Konjac Sponge Co were part of the Bloggers Hangout I thought I'd pop over my details to see if they might be interested in working with me, not really expecting them to want to! However they did and they kindly sent me The Original Konjac Puff sponge* to try.

The Original Konjac Puff sponge

There are several different types of sponges available, including ones for your baby and even one to use on your dog, but as this is my first time trying one out I decided to start with the original sponge for all skin types. Other types of sponge available include bamboo clay for oily and acne prone skin, French red clay for dry, damaged and mature skin and chamomile for irritated skin. Konjac is made from 100% natural vegetable fibres from the Konnyaku, a perennial plant native to Asia. Konjac contains 97% water, is rich in minerals, low in calories and is PH neutral to leave skin perfectly balanced. The Konjac sponge is free from colourants, chemicals, additives and irritants and is 100% biodegradable. 

The Original Konjac Puff sponge

Maybe taking pictures of a white sponge on a white tray wasn't such a good idea!

When you remove the sponge from the packaging it's hard and you should never attempt to use it on your face like this. You need to rinse the sponge under water, just like you would a make-up sponge (but use warm rather than cold water) and it will soften and swell up. You then massage the sponge around the face in circular motions. You can use the sponge on its own or you can add a cleanser. After use you rinse the sponge well and squeeze out any excess water (don't twist or wring as this can damage the sponge) and then hang it up to dry using the string attached. You can place the sponge somewhere to dry but it's probably more hygienic to hang it up if possible. It will then gradually dry and return to its original hard state. 

The Original Konjac Puff sponge

I first used this after just having removed my make-up after a long day on set (10 hours if I remember correctly plus a two hour round drive) and oh my word it felt amazing! I like to rinse it until the sponge feels nice and warm, not hot as such, and then massage it around my face until it cools right down. My skin feels amazing after use and although I don't think it's quite a good as my Foreo Luna Play at clearing out any congestion on my chin it does a pretty good job. I've been completely breakout free on my chin for a while now (touch wood!), even around that time of the month, and this has continued while I have been using this.

The Konjac sponge can remove water based make-up but to be honest I wouldn't use it to remove make-up as the sponge will become dirty. I'd much rather use it as a second cleanse to really give my skin a good clean. As long as the sponge is cared for correctly this can last up to three months, which I think is pretty good for just £8.99. You dispose of the sponge when it appears damaged or worn and as it's biodegradable it can be composted. I've really enjoyed using the Konjac sponge and I'd definitely recommend giving one a try if you haven't tried one before.

You can buy a Konjac Sponge to try for yourself over on the Konjac Sponge Company website.

Have you tried a Konjac Sponge before?

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*PR sample 

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  1. I have one of these (not this brand) and I stupidly used it with a cleanser to remove makeup and it just got disgusting. I need to give it another go with a second cleanse only!

    The Makeup Directory

    1. I don't like using muslin cloths to remove make-up either because they just get disgustingly dirty straight away x

  2. Wow! This sounds really interesting. I must give it a try. x

    Shang J. | The Feminine Crusade

  3. I've tried a fair few different Konjac sponges and I really like them. The only downside is how long they last for the money sadly xx

    Gemma ♡ Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. Yes it is a shame they don't last longer but I guess a product like this can't last very long x


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