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The stay in place base face

If you follow me on Twitter then you might be aware that I recently had a regular Supporting Artist role on a TV show. I'm afraid I can't give you any details at all but I will let you know on Twitter when the show in question will be making an appearance on TV. It wasn't the furthest I've travelled to work on a shoot, this one was just an hour each way, but with a standard working day on set approaching 11 hours it does make for quite a long day. When I'm applying my make-up at around 6am and will probably still be on set 12 hours later I need products that are going to stick around for as long as possible. So I thought I'd do a post showing you the base products I used. I'm not saying these products would work for you and that you should rush out and buy them all, but they have worked for me. 

The stay in place base face
The stay in place base face

As the first product I'll start with let's start with the primer. I know many people still haven't found THE primer that has convinced then that primers actually do something (I was the same for a long time) but if you want your make-up to stay in place for as long as possible you do really need to use a primer. I won't talk about this too much as I've posted about it very recently, but the primer I used was the Dermalogica Redness Relief primer. I certainly didn't need the SPF protection this provides as all filming was inside, but the redness relief part certainly comes in handy if you suffer with redness and know you're going to be appearing on camera. 

I then followed this with my favourite foundation, the one I turn to when I need to look my best or need my base to stick around as long as possible, the YSL Fusion Ink foundation. This actually nearly ran out while I was filming and I panicked a little because I couldn't actually afford to replace it at the time (it's £32). I managed to make it last though and recently I was having such a bad week my boyfriend decided to treat me to a repurchase. I'm now on my third bottle. 

This has a light serum like texture to it but despite being so light it provides great coverage but also lets my skin shine through, providing a natural skin like finish, but perfected. The dispenser on this is one of those stick things that you use to dab/swipe it onto your face, but I actually quite like it. The only thing I don't like is just how messy it gets around the top, but now I'm settled in one place and not having to travel so much hopefully it won't get so messy from slopping around in a bag. 

The stay in place base face

Although I used the Redness Relief primer and the coverage provided by the Fusion Ink foundation is very good, I do still have to go in with a concealer to tackle the last of any redness, scaring and dark circles showing through. I haven't photographed it but I should say I also used the Pixi corrector to try and neutralise my dark circles as much as possible before going in with concealer. The concealer I used is the NARS Creamy concealer, which is also starting to run out and as you can see in the picture I'm having to start scraping round the tube. This does a pretty good job of covering scaring and redness, but does struggle a little with my dark circles. However, I haven't yet tried a product that has been able to fully conceal my horrendous and apparently going nowhere dark circles. 

In general I have dry skin, I only really tend to get an oily chin when I apply make-up over it, but I do like to use a setting powder to try and help my make-up stay in place and because I much prefer a matte base. Loose powders can be a bit of a faff and very messy if you're not careful, but I used the Vichy Dermablend setting powder. I never really know what to say about setting powders, it just did the job!

The stay in place base face

After using a setting powder it might seem a bit overkill to then use a fixing spray, which is basically just a powder suspended in water, but we're talking about needing my make-up to last 12 hours, so I followed up with the L'Oreal Infallible Fixing mist. In general I didn't need to bother touching up my make-up come lunch break (and the on set catering on this show is amazing!) and when I finally got home it still looked pretty good. 

Because I didn't want to spend too much time doing my make-up at 6am and because the role didn't call for anything fancy in any way the only other products I used were an Illamasqua blush and They're Real mascara. Both of which are pretty good at sticking around too!

What products do you use when you need your face to stay in place?

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