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A few handbag essentials

When it comes to handbags I've always been an across body kinda girl. I love the convenience of being able to have both hands free if I want to and to be honest I always feel a little awkward holding a handbag. Like what do I do with it? Hold it, hook it on my arm, put it on my shoulder? Am I the only one? When it comes to the size of the bag I like it to be small enough that I don't end up carrying all kinds of crap around with me, but big enough so I can get the essentials in. As well as the absolute essentials such as my purse, phone and keys I also like to carry around a few items that, while not necessarily essential, just make my life easier and I would be a little lost without them.

The handbag essentials
One thing I have to carry around with me is Tissues. Although I haven't actually been diagnosis with it (probably because I've never bothered to ask a doctor about it) I appear to have inherited Rhinitis from my dad. This is where I pretty much constantly have a runny nose, all year round. I do suffer from hayfever, which for me can last anytime from around April through to October, but this does vary each year. I'm not sure what causes it through the rest of the year but I believe it may be an allergy to dust, which is frustrating as the blimmin stuff is everywhere! 

Whether it's for an annoying little papercut or your shoes are rubbing you somewhere it's always handy to have some Plasters tucked away in your bag. Shoes often rub my feet and if you're out and about for long periods of time you need something to try and stop your feet being torn to shreds by the time you get home. 

My hair is a little longer than shoulder length and although I try to wear it down as much as possible sometimes you just want it either off your face or out of the way completely. So I always make sure I carry an Invisibobble and hairgrips with me. In fact I think the back zip section of my handbag is pretty much full of hairgrips! I like to use an Invisibobble because in general when you do take your hair down you're not left with a tell-tale kink and I believe they are generally kinder to your hair. 

Although my skin is generally dry I do suffer with an oily blemish prone chin and it particularly likes to get oily when I apply make-up over it. I do tend to pop a powder in my bag if I know I might want to top up throughout the day, but I'm not keen on applying it straight to an oily chin as you may be transferring the oil to the product. I much prefer to use a Blotting sheet first to remove any oil that has been produced and then apply a powder to try and help keep any more oil at bay. 

The handbag essentials

When I was younger I had braces and although I'm very happy with my now very straight and in line teeth something I have noticed ever since is that food tends to get trapped quite easily between my teeth. This is something I'm always self-conscious about, but even more so when I'm on set. I recently had a regular role on a TV show (which will air at the end of this year) and on set catering on this show is very good. But after lunch each day I'd worry about if anything was caught in my teeth. It's not really practical to carry around a toothbrush and be able to find somewhere to use it so something like the Dentek Floss Picks* is an amazing idea. In one pack you get two cases, mine are neon green and neon pink, and in each case you get six floss picks. They're basically a little piece of silky soft dental floss on a little plastic stick. I personally find dental floss quite difficult to use, trying to get one end of it right inside your mouth, but these are much easier to use and also quite discreet to use. They'd be ideal to pop in your bag if you're going out for a meal on a date so you can sneak off to the loo after you've eaten for a quick floss.

The Dentek Floss Picks are just £2.99 for the pack of two cases and you can find them at Boots.

What essentials do you like to carry around with you?

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  1. I've never actually tried blotting paper and it's something I need to purchase and keep with me in my bag. I always keep tissues, hand gel and hand cream in my bag.

    1. I do actually need to keep hand cream in my bag but it's not quite big enough! Blotting paper can be a little difficult to find actually. Kleenex did a good one but they discontinued it x

  2. I've never thought about carrying floss picks but they would come in really handy. I need to pick up some of that blotting paper too.

    Really helpful post, thanks!


    1. I didn't know you could get things like this but now I know about them they are really handy! x


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