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Autumn/winter nail shades

I don't know about you but pretty much as soon as autumn arrives, sometimes even when we still have the last bits of summer hanging around, I start craving deeper darker shades on my nails. As much as I love bright shades as well I think darker shades on your nails look amazing when you're wrapped up in thick tights, cardigans and scarves. So to mark switching over to the dark side (nails wise) I thought I'd do a little roundup of some of the darker autumn/winter appropriate shades that will soon be gracing my nails.

Autumn/winter nail shades
Autumn/winter nail shades
Autumn/winter nail shades
Autumn/winter nail shades

Nails Inc Alexa Silk This is one of my favourite nail varnishes and this has already made it onto my nails recently. It's a black nail varnish but it has a very very fine shimmer running through it which gives it the 'silk' effect and stops it being a flat shade. It's very easy to apply and looks amazing on.

Nails Inc Alexa Sequin If you follow my Instagram account then you may have spotted both of these on there a few days ago. I've had my silk nail varnish for a while now but the whole Alexa range is currently available in TK Maxx. I bought sequin because I thought it would look amazing over the top of silk (which it does) and the TK Maxx price of £3.99 (some are £4.99 for some reason) is much more reasonable than Nails Inc's £15. A good combination for approaching Christmas.

Max Factor Fantasy Fire This is really quite an unusual one. In the bottle it looks quite dark, but once applied it is super sheer. Even with several coats you'll never achieve the appearance in the bottle so it's probably best to layer this over something else. This is an amazing purple with duo chrome glitter that reflects copper and green.

Max Factor Ivory I've never understood why this is called Ivory when it's a gold? This isn't particularly a dark shade but gold glitter is always a festive choice. However, like Fantasy Fire this is actually very sheer and on the nails you can barely see it, so over another shade is probably the best way to go again. 

Autumn/winter nail shades
Autumn/winter nail shades
Autumn/winter nail shades

Maybelline Color Show Wine Shimmer This one is again quite a sheer one but definitely not as sheer as the Max Factor ones. This can be worn on its own or you could layer it over another shade to add some light shimmer. As the name suggests this is a (light) red wine shade and it contains very fine shimmer that reflects a rainbow of colours.

Ciate Dangerous Affair This one was free with October's Marie Claire (there are three other shades available) but if that issue is no longer available you can get this from Ciate (for £9). This is darker than it appears in the swatch and is a deep, dark burgundy shade. 

piCture pOlish Obsession For this one think Fantasy Fire but dark and opaque, darker than in the swatch. Its a deep purple with a copper shimmer appearance to it.

Autumn/winter nail shades
Autumn/winter nail shades
Autumn/winter nail shades

Barry M Silk Poppy I was a big fan of the original pastel Silk shades (I actually nearly finished the pearly white shade!) so when they bought out darker more autumn/winter shades I had to pick them up. Poppy isn't a poppy red at all but is a darker red/pink shade with very fine shimmer. The 'silk' effect means these dry matte but I prefer to add a glossy top coat which really makes the shimmer shine.

Barry M Silk Orchid Orchid is what I would describe as a 'Cadburys' purple, you know like the colour of the Dairy Milk wrapper? This is exactly the same as Poppy with shimmer and a matte finish.

Barry M Silk Forest Picking this up right now while writing this post this shade has actually flummoxed me a little. It's called Forest and I was going to say this is the perfect Christmas tree green if you like nail art or just seasonally appropriate colours. But looking at the shade now at approaching midnight with just my desk lamp on with a daylight bulb in and the shade looks blue. Maybe I've caught my boyfriend's blue/green colour blindness, or maybe it's just a trick of the light, but I have always considered this a green.

OPI Just Beclaus OPI is one of my favourite nail brands and has been for maybe 10 years now. Last Christmas (2015) I went a little crazy for the Gwen Stefani Christmas 2014 range and picked up several of them on sale (I rarely pay full price for OPI as they are £11/£12 each). Three of my picks here are from that range. Just Beclaus is a berry/maroon cream with no shimmer.

OPI Kiss Me - Or Elf! Again from the Gwen Stefani Christmas 2014 range and a gorgeous fuchsia shimmer. A stunning shade!

OPI I Carol About You Another one and this is a Cadburys purple with a very slight shimmer.

OPI Color to Diner For The only one here not from the Christmas collection. This is a red edging slightly towards a burnt orange type shade because of a very fine copper/orange shimmer.

There were also a couple of Nails Inc Alice & Olivia shades I wanted to show you, which were available last Christmas, but as they're no longer available I didn't think it was fair to show you how amazing they are! 

What shades are you looking forward to wearing in autumn/winter?

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  1. Such lovely images - those rose gold leaves (are they fairy lights?) are so pretty!

    Gemma x |

    1. Thank you lovely. Yes they are fairy lights and I think they were about £3 from The Range! x


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