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Birchbox September 2016 - Heroes

September's Birchbox* theme is 'Heroes', celebrating the heroic women in your life as well as hero products, and after last months Birchbag this month they've returned to a drawer. I do like the idea of making the boxes drawers, if they're going to do a few of them you can stack them up on your dressing table and use them as storage, but I'm not hugely keen on the design of this months box. It's just a little too pastel for me; I personally prefer something a bit brighter. But box itself aside I'm very pleased with the content of this months box.

Birchbox September 2016 - Heros
Birchbox September 2016 - Heros

Back in the July Birchbox (which I didn't blog about because I only got my hands on it in August!) there was an Indeed Labs Hydraluron moisture boosting sheet mask and in the September box it's the turn of the Starskin Bio-Cellulose Second Skin eye masks. I have been weary of sheet masks after the first one I ever tried burned my skin a little, but I did enjoy the Indeed Labs one. There's no lavender in the eye masks so I'm good to go with trying them out, but I will be careful because a burnt under eye area will not be a good look!

Birchbox September 2016 - Heros

I was delighted to see a sample size of the Laura Mercier Blemish-less foundation primer because it was a Laura Mercier primer that convinced me that primers can actually do something and is one of my favourites. I haven't repurchased because they aren't cheap and also because I received another primer to review. But now that primer is running low I'm so pleased I have this to move on to.

I think I have received Model Co products before (although I don't really remember using them) but as I'm just starting to try and embrace highlighting I was pleased to see the Model Co Highlighting trio featuring the shades Champagne, Peach Bellini and Bronze. I do tend to prefer powder highlighters, but I will be giving these a go.

Birchbox September 2016 - Heros

I have so many little hair product samples to try and work through but I was still pleased to see the amika: Bombshell Blowout spray. amika are a brand I haven't come across before but this one is a spray to protect, texturize, volumize and repair and based on the z's I'm guessing it might be an American brand. Most importantly for me this provides heat protection and colour protection and when I did give it a quick spray last night it was fine mist, which I do like to try and cover as much of my hair as possible without missing any bits. 

Finally there's a Nuxe product and it's the Nuxe Prodigieux huile de douche Precious Scented shower oil. I've never used a shower oil before and I think it could go one of two ways. Either it will be amazing for my dry skin, or it will end up leaving an oily film on my skin that I'll hate! It also contains a golden shimmer, which I think I'll either really love or really hate. 

This month Birchbox have partnered with photo-printing app LALALAB to offer you a free LALALAB box. You just choose 36 of your favourite photos, which will come in a gift box, and all you pay for is the postage to get your prints to you. The offer is valid until 31st October 2016 and you'll find a card with the promo code required in your box. You can sign up to get the September Birchbox here.

What do you think of this months box?

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  1. I love the oil free Laura Mercier primer but haven't re-purchased for awhile because of the price. Didn't know they did a blemish less one! xx

    1. It is an expensive one, although you can get a smaller tube for a bit cheaper can't you? I think it was the mineral one I had before but blemish-less sounds good to me x


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