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My biggest fan - Spectrum Collections Large Fan brush

Despite being a beauty fan and of course a beauty blogger there are a few things that in general I don't really attempt. These include fake tanning (too pale), bronzer (too pale), contouring (too pale) and highlighting (oily skin when younger). Something that I am trying to start embracing though is highlighting, although actually it kind of feels like I'm trying to start doing it because it feels like I should be doing it.

Whenever I have highlighted I have always used what I think is the Real Techniques Contour brush, but I'm not entirely sure because the name has rubbed off (a quick Google image search suggests I'm right). But something I've been curious about is fan brushes. To begin with I couldn't get my head around exactly how you would use them, I was thinking the wrong way around, as in holding it vertically rather than almost horizontally (don't ask me why!). But after seeing them used in a few videos on Instagram I now get how they're used. I spotted Spectrum (the queen of mermaid/unicorn esq brushes) were on the Bloggers Hangout (which I believe has now become Social Berry) so I approached them to see if they would like to work with me and they kindly sent me the Spectrum Large Fan brush*.

Spectrum Collections Large Fan brush
Spectrum Collections Large Fan brush

I believe this particular brush is part of their standard line, as in it's available separately whereas their other designs come in sets. When I first received this I think it was just on the website as 'Large Fan brush' but now it says '#No.1 Fan' (I thought of my post title before I saw that!). 

It comes with a pink handle with Spectrum and the brush code printed on it, a black metal ferrule and blue to purple ombre coloured bristles. It's designed to be used for highlighting or for contouring the face and collarbones. It has soft rounded bristles to provide a light coverage that can be built up if you wish. That is absolutely perfect for me as I don't think I'm ready to go all out with highlighting just yet, but if I choose to ramp it up a little in the future I can achieve this.  

Spectrum Collections Large Fan brush

It is a large wide brush (I've compared it to the Real Techniques brush for scale), so large it took me a little by surprise when I first saw it, but it's perfect for the job it's designed for. It does indeed provide a light coverage that provides the subtle glow I'm looking for and blends seamlessly. Of course there's also bonus points for looking amazing on my desk and in Instagram pictures!

The Spectrum Collections Large Fan brush is £9.99 and is available from the Spectrum website.

Have you tried any of Spectrum's brushes?

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*PR sample  

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  1. I'm dying to try Spectrum brushes so pretty!!

    Parie x

  2. I have a couple of Spectrum sets and I adore them. I don't have this fan brush though and it looks amazing. So I may need to place a cheeky order!

    Sian |

    1. I'd love one of their sets but they are a little pricey, not expensive particularly but more than I can afford at the moment! x


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