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Soap & Glory Made You Blush in Cheeky Pink

I was going to start this post by saying that I haven't tried an awful lot of Soap & Glory's make-up, but when I thought about it for a second I realised I've actually tried quite a lot. I'm a big fan of their original Supercat liquid liner pen, their Thick & Fast mascara, the Kick Ass Blur & Brightening (concealer) crayon and One Heck of a Blot. I also have Glow All Out, one of the Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Sticks and tried one of their original Sexy Mother Pucker glosses but didn't like it. So yeah, actually, I've tried loads!

When I spotted their new Made You Blush blushes on Instagram I went a little heart eyed emoji over them and decided I probably needed all three. I discovered they were already in stock in Boots so I headed down to take a look at them. When I checked them out in person I discovered there was only one that I actually did want, so Cheeky Pink came home with me. 

Soap & Glory Made You Blush in Cheeky Pink
Soap & Glory Made You Blush in Cheeky Pink

The Made You Blush blushers come in Soap & Glory's typical quirky, retro, pink based packaging featuring a plastic compact that comes in cardboard box. I much prefer their plastic over cardboard compacts as my Glow All Out is starting to look a little dirty and battered now, whereas plastic looks better and lasts longer. Soap & Glory's compacts have always been on the large side but this one is actually quite dinky at maybe about a third smaller than previous compacts. You open the lid to find a mirror the size of the compact in the lid and then the blusher section lifts up to reveal a brush in the bottom of the compact.

Soap & Glory Made You Blush in Cheeky Pink
Soap & Glory Made You Blush in Cheeky Pink
Soap & Glory Made You Blush in Cheeky Pink

The brush included seems pleasant enough, it picks up the product well and feels quite soft, but I don't tend to use it because the shape is more of a fan brush than blusher brush for me, so I tend to use my Real Techniques blush brush with it. 

The reason why I decided I only wanted one of the three new blushers was because I wasn't keen on one of the shades in person and the other contained shimmer, which I'm not a fan of in blushes. Cheeky pink is quite a bright pink that I thought would give my pale skin a nice healthy flushed look. Brightening my pictures has lightened the shade slightly in my pictures so I have included an unedited picture below to give you a better idea of the shade. 

Soap & Glory Made You Blush in Cheeky Pink

The actual amount of product included may be less than half of what is included in some of their other compacts (4.7g compared to 9g) but this does pack a bit of a punch in terms of pigmentation, so you do only need to use a small amount. It applies nicely and blends well, but you do have to be careful not to use too much or you will end up having to try and tone it down. Up until now my favourite day to day blush has been Illamasqua Hussy but I think this might have currently taken the top spot as it's the one I tend to reach for. 

One thing I might have noticed about this, although I'm not entirely sure, is it appears to have actually dyed the white bristles on my Real Techniques blush brush. I may have just not washed it well enough, but the last time I did wash it the bristles did stay tinged pink after washing.

I believe I paid around £7 for this on introductory offer but the price is now £9, which is £2-£3 cheaper than their other compact products. I personally think I'd prefer to pay around £6/£7, as it is half the size of their other compacts, but based on how little you need to use I can see this lasting well.

Have you tried one of Soap & Glory's newest blushes?

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