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The Body Shop Fresh Nude Cushion foundation

More and more brands are now embracing the increasingly popular 'cushion' trend and one of the latest brands to try their hand at a cushion foundation is The Body Shop. I think the only foundation type product I've tried from The Body Shop was the Tea Tree BB cream, so I was even more curious to try The Body Shop's Fresh Nude Cushion foundation*. 

The Body Shop Fresh Nude Cushion foundation
The Body Shop Fresh Nude Cushion foundation
The Body Shop Fresh Nude Cushion foundation

The Body Shop's offering comes in what I would say is pretty standard cushion product packaging. You get a round compact and when you lift the lid you find a mirror in the lid and a pad type applicator. Under where the applicator sits you lift another lid to reveal the cushion in a separate (and hopefully airtight) compartment. The Body Shop have recently revamped all of their packaging across new and existing products and I have to say I am slightly disappointed with the packaging the Fresh Nude Cushion foundation comes in. There's nothing wrong with it at all but the plain and simple monochrome packaging is, well, a little bit plain and simple! As long as it does the job though that shouldn't matter. 

The Body Shop Fresh Nude Cushion foundation
The Body Shop Fresh Nude Cushion foundation
The Body Shop Fresh Nude Cushion foundation

As you can see in the photo the applicator does have a tendency to attract lint, which you can blow/brush off while clean, but once it's covered in foundation they might not be quite so easy to remove. The applicator does have a very velvety smooth and soft feel to it. With my L'Oreal cushion foundation I'm not very keen on the applicator because I have trouble keeping hold of it, but I don't appear to have that problem with this one. 

Most of the cushion products I've tried so far (which hasn't been many!) you've been able to see the product in the cushion as soon as you open it but with this one you're just greeted with mesh. The product does come up to the surface though once you start pressing on the mesh. 

When it came to shade selection I didn't know what to go for so as I usually do I went in for the lightest shade available, which was Fuji Peony 01. Based on the name I had no idea whether it might be a good match for me as I'm used to looking for porcelain or ivory, but it's actually pretty good. Whether it still will be when we get into winter and any tan I have fades away only time will tell. The first time I used this I was quite surprised to find that it is quite heavily scented. I find the scent pleasant, but if you are sensitive to heavily scented products then this one might not be for you.

This applies beautifully and 'Fresh Nude' is a very good way to describe the finish it provides. I wouldn't call it dewy, but it does give a very fresh, glowing, almost youthful (although I'm not that old!) appearance to my skin. Although this does provide a beautiful finish to begin with I wouldn't say it's the longest lasting and it does start to separate/break down a little after a while. Although this may well be something to do with my dry skin drinking up any water in the product and leaving behind the pigment. In general I'm pretty impressed with this and have been enjoying using it.

The Body Shop Fresh Nude Cushion foundation is available in The Body Shop stores and online.

Will you be giving The Body Shop Fresh Nude Cushion foundation a try?

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  1. I am intrigued. I am in love with cushion foundations but the only western brand I've tried is the Lancome one which I have reviewed in my blog. Will give this a try once it becomes available in my country. xxx

  2. I just bought it to try out, first time wearing it today. It has a lovely finish so I'm interested to see how well it lasts. Not a great deal of coverage but I like that about it.

    1. I didn't think the coverage was too bad but then I usually always need concealer as well x


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