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Transformulas LipVolume - a non-review

Something that I have kind of been considering in the back of my mind is lip fillers. I certainly don't need my bottom lip to be any fuller, but it's my top lip that is the issue. My top lip is thinner than my bottom lip, especially at the side where they disappear slightly, but my main issue is my gummy smile. When I smile my top lip pulls in/up quite far and if I smile wide enough you can see my top gums, which I really don't like. I've heard that having a small amount of filler in your top lip helps to prevent a gummy smile, I assume because the filler prevents your lip was pulling back too far. There's three issues though; the pain (it looks bloody painful!), it's temporary and so needs topping up regularly, and also the possibility that something could go wrong and I'd end up with a hard/lumpy lip.

When I was contacted asking if I'd like to try and review Transformulas LipVolume*, a product to increase your lip size without needles, I agreed as it sounded like just the sort of product that might help me. However, I haven't tried this out properly and have decided that I probably won't be doing so. I'll explain why below.

Transformulas LipVolume
Transformulas LipVolume
Transformulas LipVolume

This all sounds a little bit dramatic doesn't it but it really isn't! The main issue I have is that you're directed to use this three times a day, or as many times as you want, for 4 weeks/30 days. My issue with this is that I like to wear lipstick and I own quite a few (although not as many as some people) so I like to try and wear it as much as possible so they aren't just all sat in a drawer. Although you can apply this over the top of lipstick it acts like a lip gloss and I'm not really a glossy lip fan at the moment, I much prefer a matte finish. Also I found that when I did try applying it over lipstick some colour transferred to the applicator, so after you've done this a few times that's a lot of lipstick that will be transferring over into the tube.

What I might try and remember to do is apply it at night to work overnight and also in the morning before I apply a lipstick, giving it a little time to get to work and maybe removing any excess so as not to interfere with my lipstick of choice. But as I wouldn't be applying it the directed number of times each day I might not see the improvement you are supposed to see after 30 days. If I do manage to remember to apply it that often I might follow up with another post later on. 

Transformulas LipVolume

I'm afraid my picture of the applicator failed because my camera just wouldn't focus on it! There is definitely some instant difference when you use this though, although nothing drastic. I do have the list of ingredients but I don't really know which of them might contribute to plumping up your pout, although this is a menthol type product so does it does have that effect. It doesn't sting or even particularly tingle in any way, but you do get that minty/menthol fresh feeling and smell, which is quite pleasant. This is also apparently available in cherry and chocolate versions. I'm not sure if they'd still have the same menthol feeling as this one (called Ice Cool). 

Clinical studies have apparently been conducted on this and all women on the trial found an increase in volume with a 'visual' effect after using the product three times a day for 30 days. So if it is something you could keep up for 30 days it might be worth a try, if you're willing to spend £29.95. You can find LipVolume on the Transformulas website. 

Would you consider trying this or even trying lip fillers?

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