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A few new spa additions at The Body Shop

There's a few new products at The Body Shop that I've been trying out for the last few weeks and I'm dying to tell you about them. Two products fall into the Spa of the World range and one into the Oil of Life range, but to be honest all three products are perfect for a bit of spa pampering at home. 

New spa additions at The Body Shop
New spa additions at The Body Shop
New spa additions at The Body Shop

I'll start with one of my favourite products; the Spa of the World Atlantic Seaweed cream. I have tried one of the big Spa of the World tubs of body moisturiser before but this one is a little different. Instead of a cream product like most of The Body Shop's other body moisturisers (apart from the sorbets of course) this is a gel-cream. I've recently posted about The Body Shop's body butters and how my skin struggles to absorb the thicker ones. Even though I have now discovered that there are lighter body butters, this gel-cream is much more the sort of consistency my skin loves.

This is more expensive than the body butters, coming in at £23, but you get a large tub containing 100ml so it will last for a while. As the name suggests this contains seaweed from the Atlantic which is full of oceanic minerals. Apparently women have always believed in the reviving power of the sea and it's algae to revitalise the body and actually my boyfriend's dad is Danish and grew up by the sea and he believes sea water is a cure for sky ailments. The Body Shop say this has a water-breaking texture that instantly refreshes the skin with hydration.

I love this stuff! It's just the right texture for my skin to drink it all up almost immediately and it leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated. The only issue I have is that while I can only really detect the scent in the tub my boyfriend can smell it on my skin and he hates it. Time to get a new boyfriend then...

New spa additions at The Body Shop

When I first discovered the Spa of the World Japanese Camellia candle was on the way to me I thought 'Oh The Body Shop haven't done candles before'. But actually I know they did some at Christmas last year (and I really should have picked up the Glazed Apple one) and there are some (other than the new Spa of the World ones) on the website.

The new Spa of the World candles have quite a simple look to them, featuring a kind of brown/bronze glass jar with just The Body Shop's symbol and the name of the candle printed on the front. It does come in a good quality cardboard box as well (which I'd already recycled before I took these pictures) so would make a good gift. The look of the candle might be quite simple but it's perfectly in keeping with a relaxed, calm spa setting.

The first time I burnt this I tried to get it to burn all the way out to the edge of the glass to avoid it tunnelling but unfortunately it didn't get out far enough after several hours and in the end I had to extinguish it. It's not too far off though so hopefully little will be wasted. I could subtly detect the scent as it burned but it was most noticeable when I left the room and came back in again. I've pulled the label off the bottom so I'm not sure how long this one lasts altogether but I would estimate it might be a 30 hour one.

As well as Japanese Camellia there are also Hawaiian Kukui and Mediterranean Sea Salt scents available and I'm dying to head in store and have a sniff of the sea salt one, which might just end up coming home with me. For £15 each I think they're a bit of a bargain.

New spa additions at The Body Shop
New spa additions at The Body Shop
New spa additions at The Body Shop

Finally there's a new addition to the Oils of Life range in the form of the Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising Eye cream-gel. I don't know why this one is a cream-gel rather than gel-cream as is traditionally the case. The first thing I noticed about this one when I first picked it up was just how pretty it looks in the packaging; like a shimmery golden honey colour. When you remove the lid you do discover that part of this effect is the packaging, as the cream is a much lighter almost clear colour, but the shimmer does come from shimmer in the cream. I was unsure about shimmer being in an eye cream but I do tend to find that this pretty much disappears once applied, there's possibly only a hint of shimmer left behind. 

This contains three precious seed oils known for their revitalising and repairing properties; black cumin oil from Egypt, rosehip oil from Chile and camellia oil from China. The Body Shop claim this intensely revitalises the eye contour and visibly reduces the signs of ageing. I'm lucky that I don't really have any signs of ageing around my eyes but I do have bad dark circles that nothing ever shifts or improves. I haven't been using this that long but I obviously can't comment on any effect on the signs of ageing and I haven't noticed any difference in my dark circles. 

This isn't my favourite eye cream but it is a nice little product and I do like that you can also use it as a weekly eye mask, although I haven't tried that myself. It's £20 for 20ml, which isn't a bad price.

You can find all of these in The Body Shop stores and online.

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  1. the seaweed cream sounds so interesting, i didn't know that the sea and it's algae could have so many benefits for your skin. i definitely need to look into this - thanks for the share.
    jen / velvet spring

    1. I'd definitely recommend going in store and taking a look at it, it's lovely x

    2. Becky's boyfriend here. The seaweed may have qualities useful in skin care: but it smells like decomposing cabbage only a thousand times worse.

      It took me a moment to realise why Becky reminded me of idyllic childhood summers on white beaches by the Baltic in my Danish youth - she stank like the seaweed that rots on said beaches.

      Seriously I just about managed to cope with her staying over but my cats had serious words with me. It may be other people find the smell of seaweed attractive but I'd rank this as the worst product I have smelt to date.

      CJ x

  2. The candle sounds lovely but £23 for 100ml for a body lotion is super pricey and in high end beauty territory! I don't know why the body shop inflate their prices so much when they always have discount codes on as nobody would pay that anyway because of their constant offers haha x

    1. Cheekily though you can never use any of their promo codes on new products and it stays that way for quite a long time. I guess because it's a spa range they've ramped up the price but I would prefer if it was cheaper or if you could use discount codes on them x

  3. I'm sooo in love with the candle. Would love to try that eye gel cream too!

    | |


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