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Bean Body coffee bean body scrub

Despite the growing popularity of coffee scrubs they're something I haven't actually tried myself yet. As a non coffee drinker, because I don't like the taste rather than a conscious decision not to drink caffeine, they aren't something I felt I needed to try to get my caffeine fix. However, in the back of my mind I have always been curious to give one a try and I'm not against the smell of coffee, in fact I quite like the smell! 

Bean Body coffee bean body scrub
Bean Body coffee bean body scrub

If you're not familiar with coffee scrubs they basically consist of ground up coffee beans, just like you would use to make a cup of coffee. Although these are designed to be used on the body and so won't be for consumption, so please don't try to make a cup of coffee with one. The powder you get is very effective as a scrub but still gentle on the skin, unlike some harsher scrubs made from things like smashed up shell.

The one I've been trying out is the Bean Body coffee bean body scrub*. This comes in a 220g bag, which I believe is a fairly standard size, maybe slightly larger than others, which features a plain black design with white lettering and the only colour on the packaging indicating the scent. I believe there's just once exception, Manuka Honey, which comes in what looks like a gold bag. You rip off the top of the pack to open it but then once open it fastens like a food bag, is that called ziplock?

This obviously contains ground coffee beans but also contains coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba seed oil, vitamin E and sea salt and as well as containing coconut oil mine is also coconut scented. Other scents available include Coco Berry, Manderin. Peppermint, Vanilla and as I mentioned above, Manuka Honey.

Bean Body coffee bean body scrub

The packaging tells you to grab a big handful but I actually used a hell of a lot less than that and it worked just fine. You pop some in your hand and like any body scrub rub in circular motions all over your body. The packaging also says to leave to dry for five minutes and then rinse off but at this time of year I can't really see anybody being happy to stand their freezing extremities off so I'd go for rinsing straight off. 

I thought this would be incredibly messy and while it is pretty messy it's not quite as bad as I thought. Obviously you do need to give your shower a good rinse down once you've finished because it will probably be everywhere. I think you also have to be quite careful trying to get it out of the packet because if you pop your hand in there to get some it will get wet but also if you attempt to tip some out you might accidentally end up with half the pack.

I did really enjoy using this. Although there is a hint of coconut scent it is primarily coffee but it smells amazing and does a really good job of exfoliating my dry skin. At £14.95 for a pack it is quite expensive but I don't think you have to use an awful lot so I can see it lasting well. You can buy Bean Body coffee scrub over on the Bean Body website.

Are you a fan of coffee scrubs?

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