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Estee Lauder and some mini reviews

When I was first contacted about this little Estee Lauder set it was actually a GWP (Gift with purchase) available at House of Fraser. However when I checked on the website for the details of the offer I discovered it had already finished and was no longer available. So there's not really any point in me telling you about how you can get this little set yourself because you can't anymore. What I thought I'd do instead is a few mini reviews of the products included as this is my first experience of Estee Lauder. These are far from in-depth reviews though, more like casual first impressions.

Estee Lauder

The set comes in a blue kind of zebra print bag and contains seven mini Estee Lauder products; two make-up and then what I would say is two morning products and three evening products. I'll start by saying that I haven't tried either of the make-up products. I don't tend to wear pencil eye liners, although on my hand it doesn't feel hard or scratchy which is always a good start, and I also don't wear lip glosses. To be honest the lip gloss does look like one of the shades that normally end up in things like this because they're really not popular. It does also contain glitter, which I'm not a fan of. Again on my hand this doesn't look too bad so I might give it a shot at one point, when it isn't windy though #LongHairLipglossProblems.

Estee Lauder

I'll start with the product I did try but didn't get along with, the Take It Away Makeup Remover lotion. Although I didn't like this I do have problems with using cream cleansers on dry skin to remove my makeup and this was no different as it made my skin feel sore after use. My make-up removal method of choice is a cleansing oil or a micellar water if I'm being lazy.

The DayWear Advanced Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant creme contains SPF15 and is for normal/combination skin. My skin tends to be dry/combination but I didn't find that to be an issue. The directions say to apply this AM and PM (after your Repair Serum, which wasn't included in the set) which I find a little strange considering the product is called DayWear and does contain a small amount of SPF protection. I've been applying this in the morning and I have enjoyed using it. It's a reasonably thick cream but does absorb well and doesn't leave a tacky feeling and has what I would describe as a light, fresh fragrance to it. 

Estee Lauder
Estee Lauder

The New Dimensions Shape + Fill Expert serum is a product I have been using in the morning under DayWear. I'd say this is very slightly thicker than other serums I've tried but as is usually the case with serums it absorbs well and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. I can't comment on any shape + fill action as I don't really have anything to fill particularly and obviously I haven't been using it long enough.

The two products I have probably enjoyed using the most are the Advanced Night Repair and Advanced Night Repair eye. These were actually the products that made me accept the sample because although I (maybe incorrectly) see Estee Lauder as an 'older' brand I believe Advanced Night Repair is supposed to be very good. 

The eye cream has a very silicone feel to it meaning it glides onto skin so smoothly and doesn't drag at all on the delicate eye area. It feels amazing and absorbs well and I have been using it morning and evening. Again I can't comment on if it has particularly had any effect on my eye area, but I have enjoyed using it. The Advanced Night Repair serum is actually thinner than the Shape + Fill one which did surprise me. Again it absorbs well and leaves my skin feeling gorgeously smooth and silky. I haven't been using this long but I think I can say it is one that I would really enjoy using long term. In general using these products together (along with another moisturiser to cover the evening) my skin has been looking pretty good.

Estee Lauder aren't the cheapest brand, although checking their prices they are cheaper than I thought, but if I could afford to splash out on one of their products I think the one I'd go for would be the Advanced Night Repair, and maybe the eye cream. You can find Estee Lauder at House of Fraser

Have you tried any products from Estee Lauder?

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