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Happy Halloween '16

I probably should have posted this before Halloween in case you do want to buy any of the things I've featured here, but as I haven't posted much recently I thought I'd do a Halloween post and you might find some of this stuff in the sale. The reason I haven't posted much recently is because I'm busy making puppets for my boyfriend for a game he's running in November. I have 12 to make and considering he wants proper Muppet type puppets he's not left me much time, especially as we're currently visiting his parents. So I'm elbow deep in card, foam, fleece and things like Ping Pong balls (for eyes!). 

I'm not a fan of Trick or Treat'ing (it's glorified begging really isn't it!) but I love the whole dressing up and decorations thing and after all I am a Parapsychologist (someone who knows a bit about ghosts/poltergeists). Most of the stuff here isn't even for Halloween as we're away on the day, but is for another game (that he's running around the same time as the puppet one) with a Halloween/haunted house/Scooby Doo theme. I've been a bit disappointed with the Halloween decorations in some shops this year but two shops have impressed me; namely Wilkos and Poundland!

Happy Halloween '16
Happy Halloween '16

Zombie warning poster - Poundland £1

This poster immediately caught my attention in Poundland. It's got that old cowboy film wanted poster type effect to it but it's warning you that you're entering a zombie virus infection zone and to mind your brains. The best bit though is that the picture featuring the people is a lenticular; one of those pictures that changes depending on how you look at it. From one angle they're normal Victorian looking people, but from another they become zombies in a graveyard.

Portraits - Poundland £1 for 4

Similarly these four portraits are lenticular images, so you either see a man, woman, child and an older couple, or you see two skulls (the woman and child) and three zombies (the couple and the man). They come in cardboard frames a little like the ones school photos come in and when my boyfriend is running his game they will go on one wall like family portraits.

Happy Halloween '16
Happy Halloween '16

Ceramic pumpkin tealight holder - Poundland £1

I'm not sure I'm going to get time for any pumpkin carving this year unless we do some at the inlaws, so I picked up this little tealight holder in Poundland just because I thought he was quite cute and well made for just £1. He will probably also feature in the boyfriends game, because candlelight is always spooky.

Halloween stickers - Poundland £1 for two sheets

I didn't actually spot these but my boyfriend did. He's apparently been collecting unusual bottles for sticking on some spooky labels like this. You get two sheets for £1, both sheets have the same stickers on, and they say things like Graveyard Juice, Bone Dust, Witches Brew, Zombie Virus Brew and Poison. They look far better on the brown and green bottles but for the clear bottles I'm going to try and make some red and green liquids using washing up liquid/food colouring and flour for thickening. I've been collecting up the glue strings from the glue gun while puppet making for one jar because they look like spider webs and in a little poison jar we're going to put sweets in to see if anybody actually dares eat them!

Happy Halloween '16

Tic Toc Animated clock - Wilkos £40

I love this clock and I think my boyfriend decided to do the Scooby Doo game so he had an excuse to buy it for me! It's motion activated, or you press a button, and the pendulum swings while light flashes behind it and thunder sounds. It also talks to you while the clock hands swing round and then a message flashes on the clock face in red Halloween writing. Finally the clock face swings open and a little ghoul with red eyes leans out pointing his finger and talks to you. It's so good for £40 and is pretty well made. 

We also have the Talking Graveyard Lantern from Wilkos (£10) which I haven't pictured but it's motion activated and a face appears on the latern that talks to you and it plays spooky sounds. We're also considering getting the Dancing Witch Broom from Wilkos (£20) but might see if it goes in the sale!

I thought the old, retro fireplaces in my (rented) house were perfect for some Halloween pictures like this. I have also added a filter and a subtle effect, my house isn't quite that danky and slightly misty!

Happy Halloween!

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