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Instagram round-up September 2016

I have no idea if people actually enjoy reading these posts at all but I enjoy putting them together, so I'll carry on with them at least until the end of this year. Growth has been pretty slow on Instagram recently, although since I wrote this post a few days ago it has actually picked up a little again. I've seen an increase in likes recently, but follower growth is taking a bit of a knock. 

Instagram round-up September 2016
T:L This was one of the bareMinerals products I won earlier this year when I won their whole new collection called Lovescape. I really need to get trying/using a few more of these products as they're gorgeous. The packaging was sitting looking all pretty and gold so I snapped a pic.

T:M This picture has now broken my likes record hitting 108 likes so far (it creeps up every-so-often). Lush pictures always go down well (I can't believe there are whole accounts dedicated just to Lush products!). As I'm a Parapsychologist I had to pick up a few Halloween bits!

T:R I received a few products from The Body Shop (I knew they were coming and was so excited about them) and I can't wait to post about them. The picture includes a new Oils of Life eye cream-gel, Seaweed body gel-cream and a Spa of the World candle. I also decided to autumn the picture up a bit!

M:L I don't think you can have failed to notice that Kat Von D make-up has now landed in the UK! I've wanted to try one of the Everlasting liquid lipsticks for ages so I treated myself to the shade Berlin as soon as they launched on the Debenhams website.

M:M This will possibly be one of my last clear blue sky pictures as I'm sure some grotty autumn weather will be settling in soon. This is a balcony just down the road from me and I hadn't noticed the beautiful roses growing on it before.

M:R More Kat Von D! These are the mini products I ordered from Love Me Beauty a couple of weeks before the Debenhams launch. They include a Everlasting liquid lipstick, Studded lipstick and Ink liner.

B:L For me River Island are killing it right now with both their boots and clothing. I won't be buying these because for one I'm broke and the heels are a little too high for just under 6ft tall me, but it doesn't stop me lusting over them.

B:M My Nails Inc Alexa Silk nail varnish is one of my favourites, so when I saw the whole range available in TK Maxx I decided to pick up Sequin to go over the top. A perfect combination for autumn/winter and heading towards Christmas.

B:R Tiger is pretty cool right? If you're lucky enough to have one near you (sorry if you're not!). I found some wire baskets in there and bought a black one as I thought it would be good for storing blankets and things like that and of course as a blog/Instagram picture prop. Plus it was only £3! 

Ok so I've covered cat accounts before and this month I think it should be the turn of the dogs, but not any dogs, Dachshunds. I love Dachshunds, especially miniature ones, and would love one myself but it's not practical right now. So instead I follow several Instagram accounts. If you're a Dachshund fan you need to check out @world.of.willow, @theadventuresofhoney, @dachshund_diaries, and @sailor.the.dachshund. 

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