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Lush Halloween Pumpkin bath bomb

In general I'm much more of a bubble bar person because growing up mum always used bubble bath, so a bath for me means having a load of frothy bubbles. But when I saw that Lush's Halloween collection this year included a pumpkin bath bomb and a little ghost bath melt I knew I had to grab one of each. In case you're reasonably new to my blog I'm a Dr of Parapsychology (the paranormal) with a PhD in ghosts. I know a pumpkin isn't actually anything paranormal but pumpkins mean Halloween and you can't get much more paranormal than Halloween.

Lush Halloween Pumpkin bath bomb

Pumpkin bath bomb is a pretty standard sized bath bomb that basically looks like a jack-o'-lantern. It's not quite as dark as a pumpkin actually is and my images have lightened him a little, but he is orange complete with the lines that run down a pumpkin and triangle eyes and nose and a not particularly scary toothy open mouth. 

He contains cinnamon, vanilla absolute and pimento berry oil to give him a slightly sweet but mostly spicy scent. I'm not sure if he does smell anything like pumpkin pie as I've never personally tried it. Is pumpkin pie really a thing over here? I'll let you into a little secret, I only carved my first pumpkin two Halloweens back so I'm quite new to them and to be honest I really do find them quite yucky!

Lush Halloween Pumpkin bath bomb

As is the case for me with most bath bombs I found him a little disappointing. He starts fizzing away as soon as he touches the water and to begin with the water turns quite a dark orange shade. I don't think I could really detect any scent coming from him, maybe just a slight aroma of spice, and after about 30 seconds he'd fizzed away and I was left with light orange bath water. At least orange water doesn't look like you've had a widdle in the bath. I don't have a picture I'm afraid because the lighting is far from great in my new bathroom and obviously I can't really take a studio light in there.

As I said bath bombs aren't really my favourite bath product so I am usually disappointed unless they put on an amazing colour show, really do have a strong (pleasant) scent and preferably last a reasonable amount of time. For £3.95 I wouldn't buy him again, but the first picture I put of him on Instagram did break my all time likes record, so he wasn't a complete loss!

Will you be trying out Mr Pumpkin?

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  1. Aw, that's a shame about this one. I bought him too because he looked cool but haven't used it yet. The monster's ball one looks like it would be really colourful though.

    1. I do lime the look of the Monsters Ball one and might give it a try for the colours x


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