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Birchbox December 2016 - Merry & Bright

I think December is the month when subscription boxes are really under pressure. December of course means Christmas and Christmas means expectations are set high with regards to the box design and the contents. Nobody wants a standard box that they get all year round and the products inside are expected to make you feel like Christmas has come early as you excitedly pull out the contents. 

My December Birchbox arrived on Friday. Has it delivered?

Birchbox December 2016 - Merry & Bright

This year Birchbox have debuted Birchdrawers (I don't believe they're actually called this its just what I've named them) and although I wasn't keen on the designs on the drawers to begin with the last couple of ones have been gorgeous. For December 2016 Birchbox have introduced another type of box and I really don't know what type of box you would call this. Its still a box with a lid that you lift off, but instead of laying flat and having a large lid it stands up and has a smaller lid. It's similar to the box that Monsoon's Rose Gold perfume comes in if you read my review recently. 

In terms of pattern/colour scheme the box is just plain with a pale red coloured bottom part, berry coloured top part and a beige strip between the colours that a silver strip fits in to. Although the colours are quite festive I guess (although it's certainly not Santa red) I would have liked it to have been a little more festive. But it is intended to be kept and used as a keepsake or storage box, maybe to be displayed on your desk/dressing table, so maybe that's why it's not all out festive.

Birchbox December 2016 - Merry & Bright
Birchbox December 2016 - Merry & Bright

Onto the contents and I'm very pleased this month. I have two make-up products, two skincare products and a hair product, although I would personally say a Porefessional product would be closer to make-up than skincare.

If you're already a Birchbox subscriber then you would have already know that this month everybody will get a full size Ciaté London Fierce Flicks eye liner (full size RRP £15), which is a felt tip style liquid liner. After finally achieving one of my life's ambitions of nailing liquid liner application I've very pleased to see this because felt tip liners are my favourite and I love trying new ones. My current favourite are Soap & Glory's Supercat (the original version) and Bourjois' Liner Feutre in Nior Violine (a purple shade) but just maybe this can top my list. It doesn't appear to have a shade name on it anywhere, but it's basically black anyway. 

Birchbox December 2016 - Merry & Bright
Birchbox December 2016 - Merry & Bright

The next make-up product that I completely mistook as a Lord & Berry product at first is actually a Bobbi Brown Smokey eye mascara sample. When I realised it was Bobbi Brown rather than Lord & Berry looking up at me from the tube I got very excited as I haven't personally tried anything from Bobbi in the past and of course I want to. I also think Bobbi Brown isn't a brand you tend to see in beauty subscription boxes. For some reason I appear to have enough mascaras for about five sets of eyes (and I don't think I've actually bought any of them myself) but I always welcome a sample from a high-end brand to try.

The next product is the one I would personally call make-up but Birchbox, or maybe Benefit, have called it skincare. This is a sample size of Benefit the Porefessional: Matte Rescue. Now I'm one of those people that doesn't get on with Porefessional at all and am not a fan of silicone based primers in general. This one however is an oil-absorbing and pore-minimising gel, which sounds perfect for my chin. The rest of my face is dry but my chin is oily and usually likes to try and push off whatever make-up I've applied over it, which is frustrating when I suffer from scarring there and usually have to conceal. So I'll see how I fare with this one. I would class this as a make-up primer, so I guess it can fall in to skincare or make-up, depending how you look at it.

Birchbox December 2016 - Merry & Bright

The other skincare product is a sample of dr.brandt PoreDermabrasion. As a Dr myself that 'dr' is annoying me! This one is basically an acid exfoliator. I much prefer an acid exfoliator over a manual one now and I have several of them I'm working through so this one will probably pop to the back of the queue until I've got through a few of the others.

Finally, the hair care product in my box is the Percy & Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm. When I first saw this I did think I already had a larger size of this that came with a magazine, but it turned out that is the Overnight Recovery one and they're just both in the Perfectly Perfecting range. This is one you apply to towel dry hair to moisturise, boost shine, smooth, soften, protect and speed up styling. I do like trying products like this but I have so many little samples from previous Birchboxes (from other brands) I really need to try and use some of them up. 

So in general I'm very pleased with this months box and wasn't at all disappointed with any of the products I found in there. If you'd like to sign-up to Birchbox and receive the December box you can do so here.

What do you think of the December Birchbox?

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