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Busy B Desktop calendar

One thing I've noticed since I moved out earlier this year is that I've started forgetting birthdays. Technically I think the issue is that mum would always remind me when a birthday was coming up and keep reminding me because of my bad memory. But now I don't live with mum I don't have that constant reminder. This year I didn't buy a diary, which might have helped, but even then it would require me to remember to look in my diary to know that somebodies birthday was coming up.  

When I spotted on Twitter that stationery brand Busy B were looking for bloggers to review their products I took a look at their range and discovered that they do a desktop calendar. I thought this might be perfect for my little forgetting birthdays problem so I put myself forward and was sent a 2017 Desktop calendar*.

Busy B Desktop calendar
Busy B Desktop calendar
Busy B Desktop calendar

The Busy B Desktop calender features a built-in stand that means the calendar stands up and so can be seen at a glance on your desk. The cover of the calender is a lovely dark blue colour and it features a pretty Rifle Paper Co esq design on the front with the words 'hello 2017'. It's ringbound at the top so you can easily flip over each month as it passes to reveal the new month. On the back of the front cover there's a page that shows each month for both 2017 and 2018 so you can mark dates and see at a glance that there's something happening on that date.

Busy B Desktop calendar
Busy B Desktop calendar

The first new page you'll find is January. Each page features a white calender on alternating green and purple pages with a very subtle floral print. The boxes for each day are a little small but there is enough room in each box for a brief note on what's happening that day. One of the most handy things though is that each page has a little pocket that you can pop things in such as receipes, tickets, notes or whatever you want. I popped my 'to do' list in there to show the pocket, top of which is to get my post ready for this calendar!

To be honest there's not much more to say about the desktop calendar other than it's very pretty and very useful and although I don't want to wish the last part of the year away I am looking forward to popping it on my desk once 2017 rolls round.

The Busy B 2017 Desktop calendar is £8.99 and is available from the Busy B website.

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*PR sample

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