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CaseCompany phone cover

I occasionally receive emails from different phone case brands offering a case in exchange for a review, but I usually have to turn down the opportunity because very few (in fact this is the only one I've come across so far) do cases for my unusual phone. I think the Samsung A5 was intended to be bigger than the S series and I was excited to get it on the day it was released, but how many people do you know with a Samsung A5? Yep me too! I don't think I've come across anyone else who has one. 

However I was excited to discover that CaseCompany do actually do cases for the Samsung A5, so despite the fact I am actually due to upgrade in February I decided to treat myself to a phone case for the first time. 

CaseCompany phone case
CaseCompany phone case

As with most brands of this type you can either create your own design for your case or choose from one of their existing designs. In general I prefer to choose one of their existing designs and I went for a pretty floral pattern.

I believe when it arrived it came in a little box, which I personally prefer over Jiffy bags as several products that I've received recently have been broken or damaged in a Jiffy bag. The case came in a little drawstring bag which would be good for storing your phone in if you don't have a screen protector and want to try and avoid getting scratches/marks on the screen in your bag. The bag is a natural off-white colour with little black doodles all over it. It also came with a little card with 'Hello Beautiful' on it, which was quite welcome when I received this just after having been ill. 

CaseCompany phone case
CaseCompany phone case

The cases are lightweight with a glossy surface and premium finish and made from solid PVC material. Obviously it was my choice to go for a light coloured design but I am a little disappointed that it doesn't really look right with the black edging. Black is the only option available but I don't think I would like white either, I'd prefer for the pattern to continue over the whole case. The finish definitely is premium; all gaps for buttons/ports/the camera etc are all finished perfectly and fit well so they don't obstruct anything in any way. The case pops on my phone very easily but it is a little on the loose side. It's not loose enough to fall off, it's been on my phone for a couple of weeks now and this hasn't happened, but my phone does rattle inside it slightly. 

In general I'm pleased with the case and even though it's not quite perfect I would say it is worth the £14.95 it costs. You can design your own case or take a look at the designs available over on the CaseCompany website.

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