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Lord & Berry Seta eye shadows

If you've been following my blog for any length of time then you'll know that I am a bit of a fan of Lord & Berry. However I've only really tried their lip products and a mascara so far. I received an email asking if I'd like to try out some of their eye shadows and although I'm not a huge eye shadow person (lack of application skills) I was definitely curious to see what they were like.

Lord & Berry Seta eye shadows
Lord & Berry Seta eye shadows

I received four very pretty shades to try; Silence* (matte), Pink Ribbon* (matte), Prince Charming* (shimmer) and finally Revival* (matte). I was really pleased when I opened the parcel and saw the shades I'd received as they're all really pretty. Each one comes in a simple black pot with a clear window on the screw off lid so you can see the shade and they each come in a white cardboard box. When it comes to Lord & Berry I think black packaging (which the pots are as I said) but the white cardboard boxes do work.  

As I mentioned above my application skills are seriously lacking so it tends to be something I wear occasionally and I'm far from an expert when it comes to eye shadow. Despite that I've been really impressed with these! There's very little kick-up or fall-out when you use them, they're pigmented (although the lighter two shades are obviously quite light) and they apply really nicely and blend well. I'm not at all confident with dark shades but the first time I tried them out I did actually use all four shades together (I didn't go out in public though!). I applied the lightest shade all over the lid, the slightly darker shade to the outer corner, the bluish shade right in the outer corner and the brown shade as a liner. 

Lord & Berry Seta eye shadows
Lord & Berry Seta eye shadows

Talking of the shades Silence is a very pale I guess what you might call egg shell kind of colour. It's looking like a pale pink in my swatch above but I wouldn't say there's any pink in there. It's definitely an all over the lid neutralising kind of shade. Next, Pink Ribbon is definitely a pink and is a light icing sugar kind of pink. Prince Charming looks like a dark cocoa kind of shade in the pot but as is often the case with dark shades it does come out lighter and is more of a medium to dark brown shade. Finally Revival is a slightly unusual shade, maybe what you might call a petrol blue or a grey based blue, and contains silver shimmer. 

Overall I'm really impressed with these eye shadows, love all of the shades and actually feel reasonably confident when it comes to applying them, which is a bit of a minor miracle when it comes to me and eye shadow to be honest.

Have you tried a Lord & Berry eye shadow?

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