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Soft & Gentle Hair Minimise and Garnier Minerals Invisible anti-perspirants

Anti-perspirant products are far from glamorous, but despite this for some people I think it's a product where you really do need to try and find the right one for you. If you hate white marks, suffer from sensitive underarm skin or maybe suffer from a problem like excessive perspiration, then finding a really good deodorant can be difficult.

I'm approaching my mid 30s and have tried several different products over the years and I think I've only just come across a product that I'm really happy with, although it's definitely not perfect. This is one of the products I'm going to be talking about in this post. 

Soft & Gentle Hair Minimise and Garnier Minerals Invisible anti-perspirant deoderants

I'm sure you really don't want to hear about my underarms but it is probably best if I let you know the sort of thing I'm looking for in an anti-perspirant. White marks on black and yellow stains gradually appearing on white tops really annoy me. I don't particularly have sensitive skin under my arms as far as I'm aware but I do sometimes suffer from itching, particularly after I've just shaved. Finally, and this is the biggest issue I have, I do suffer from excess sweating, which as I'm sure you can imagine (especially if you suffer from it yourself) can be really embarrassing at times.

The first product I want to talk about is the Soft & Gentle Hair Minimise anti-perspirant*. I received an email asking if I would like to give this a try and to be honest I jumped at the chance. Although it really doesn't take long to shave under your arms I hate having any hair there and this means I usually have to shave every other day. So an anti-perspirant that reduces hair growth sounds like a dream come true to me. This contains something called Kelisoft, which is apparently clinically proven to reduce the speed of growth and thickness of hair in eight weeks. I was surprised to find although it didn't work miracles it did indeed slow down hair growth and also make growth finer. It also appeared to do this straight away, but maybe the effect becomes greater the longer you use it. I think I got at least an extra day before I needed to shave again, maybe even two, but as the hair was finer and less obvious that also helped extend the time between shaves. 

I picked up the Garnier Minerals Invisible anti-perspirant when the one I was using at the time was leaving awful white marks on black clothes and I was going to be wearing a black top to a wedding (which was part of a dress with an amazing multi-coloured skirt, if you're thinking 'Black, for a wedding?). This promises no white marks, no yellow stains on white, anti-fading on colours and contains Mineralite, an ultra absorbent mineral. This product is pretty bloody amazing! This doesn't leave any kind of powdery residue on your skin and instead just leaves it feeling soft and smooth. I'm not sure about not fading colours or leaving yellow marks as I haven't used it for long enough, but it certainly doesn't leave black marks, so I'm reasonably confident it will deliver on the others. Finally, although no anti-perspirant will ever stop me sweating completely (I don't think that is possible without turning to something like botox) this does do a pretty good job of tackling it. I think my favourite thing about it though (apart from no white marks) is just how it makes my underarm feel. I hate having a scratch and ending up with a load of powder buried under my fingernails.

I won't bother linking to sites or discussing prices because they're both mainstream products that you can pick up in Boots or a supermarket for a few quid.

What is your favourite anti-perspirant?

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*PR sample 

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