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Birchbox January 2017 - Sprinkle happiness

So it's now a brand new year and time for the first Birchbox of 2017. In my last Birchbox post I said that expectations were high for a December/Christmas box, but I'm not sure exactly what my expectations are or were for the first box of the year. Whatever expectations I may have had I'm not particularly excited by this months box.

Birchbox January 2017 - Sprinkle happiness
Birchbox January 2017 - Sprinkle happiness

It was only when I spotted a picture of someone else's box that I realised that my drawer is technically the wrong way round and that it should say 'sprinkle happiness' on the front of the drawer in a hand writing style font. As you can see we are back to a drawer style box again this month, but unfortunately the colour scheme doesn't do it for me as I'm not particularly a fan of yellow. I can see that they might have been going for bright and cheerful though as January is possibly the most depressing month of their entire year.

Birchbox January 2017 - Sprinkle happiness

My initial feeling was also disappointment when I first opened the drawer and there definitely wasn't an 'ooohhhh' reaction to any of the products. Let's start with a couple of products that did possibly have 'ooohhh' potential.

I am a big fan of Nails Inc, but as soon as I saw the shade I knew it probably wasn't one I was going to get a lot (if any) use out of. Looking closer it's not quite as bad as I thought (it's a pale taupe shade), but it's still not quite a winner for me. Also I am wondering how old this might be. Nails Inc changed their bottles a while ago now and while some sets do still have minis in the round bottles they do now do minis in square bottles, so it could be quite an old one. Also on either side of the lid there's a partial fingerprint in nail varnish (CSI Little Blog here!) so I'm not entirely convinced this hasn't been opened at some point.

I have spotted that some people got full size Soigné nail varnishes in their boxes, so I do feel a little short changed. Soigné nail varnishes are amazing, they're one of my favourite brands, and are worth £11 each, which baby Nails Inc ones definitely are not.

Another product with potential was the Lord & Berry Conceal-it crayon concealer. As you may well be aware I'm a big Lord & Berry fan, but straight away I can see this is going to be too dark for my pale skin. I would personally say it's always better to put a paler shade in a box because if it's too light for your skin tone it can be used for brightening, but darker will always just be too dark. Although it's not the hardest crayon product I've swatched it's also far from soft, so it's not the sort of product I would use, especially around the eyes.

Birchbox January 2017 - Sprinkle happiness

Actually thinking about it the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Or Multi-purpose dry oil shimmer is a bit of an ooohhh product because it's just so pretty. It's bronze and shimmery, what more could you want! Plus I do also really like Nuxe's dry oils. The issue for me is the shimmer. I'm not a huge fan of glitter/shimmer products because the blimmin stuff just gets everywhere, and I'm pretty sure the inside of my lungs are still coated in it from the amount of glitter spray in the air from years of dance shows. I think this might have been better suited just before Christmas (for the Christmas parties) or approaching spring/summer for making your legs look gorgeous once you get them out.

The next product is a Whish shave cream. I might be in the majority here but the only thing I wet shave is under my arms, which this might actually be perfect for as there's not very much in the tube. I don't shave my legs or bikini area because I suffer from awful shaving rash, so I use an electric shaver and don't really have much use for shaving cream. Even when I do shave under my arms I only use whatever shower gel I'm using at the time.

Birchbox January 2017 - Sprinkle happiness

Finally I received a Merci Handy hand cream. I have previously received one of their anti-bacterial hand gels which does live in my handbag ready for when I need it. I don't know much about the brand at all though and have no idea what their hand creams are like. I haven't tried this or even smelt it because it's sealed, which is good, but does mean I don't want to open it until I'm ready because that will start the use by clock ticking. Packaging wise it's compact enough to pop in your handbag for on the go and is a pretty sturdy tube that I don't think would bust open if knocked about. 

In general this one just doesn't really float my boat, but different people want different things and one persons 'meh' box might be somebody else's idea of heaven. If you do want to sign up to receive the January box you can do so here.

What do you think of the January Birchbox?

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  1. I don't think I've gotten my January birch box yet! I think I would definitely love the pull out drawer box, I wish all of their boxes came like that (easier for storing my giant stash of samples!)

    Hoping I get that hand cream, I can't have enough of those for my purse or my desk at work.


    1. Hand creams are always welcome, you can keep one everywhere! x


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