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Brand focus - Kiehl's

Kiehl's is a brand that of course I had heard of, but until quite recently I hadn't tried any of their products. I haven't tried many of their products as of yet, but as I do have four products to talk about here I thought I'd make this a brand focus post. I have two further products that I haven't tried yet, the Ultra Facial Moisturizer and Rare Earth Pore Minimizing lotion, so I may follow up with a post on those two in the future. While I'm mentioning it can anybody tell me what sort of product the pore minimizer actually is? Is it one of those that's an extra step kind of thing but not specifically a serum, moisturiser etc?

Brand focus - Kiehl's
Brand focus - Kiehl's

I'll start off with the product I bought myself, although I did buy this using the £500 House of Fraser gift card I won as part as the BAFTA competition back in 2015. I occasionally have a problem with the skin on my eye lids drying out completely and then flaking off, it's far from attractive. This once occurred as a result of a reaction to a product, but sometimes they just dry out all on their own. I'm never quite sure what to use on them when it happens because of the skin on your eye lids being so thin and so close to my eyes. On one occasion I was attending an event at Selfridges in Birmingham courtesy of the lovely Rose (the Selfridges beauty personal shopper) and when I told a Kiehl's representative I was currently suffering with flaky eye lid and unsure what to use she suggested the Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with avocado

This is enriched with avocado oil to gently moisturise the delicate eye area and most importantly the formula doesn't migrate into the eye, so it's perfectly safe to use actually on your eye lids if needed. The lady gently tapped a small amount onto my eye lids and even just with that one application they felt much better afterwards. 

I had this on my wish list for a while after that event and as I said when I decided to place a beauty order on my House of Fraser gift card I decided it was time to purchase this. This starts off as a reasonably rich cream but as you apply it you feel it break down and become almost water like. This is great for if my skin is really dry, but when my skin is more normal I do find this too rich for me. When I used it regularly I found I was starting to get little spots under my eyes, so I think my skin was a little overwhelmed by it. 

This one is quite expensive at £20 for 14ml and £33.50 for 28ml. As an eye cream I would say it does last well, but it does also only last 6 months before you are supposed to dispose of it, so a bit of swings and roundabouts there. Let's ignore the fact I've already had mine far longer than I should have...

Brand focus - Kiehl's

Next up I have the MTV Staying Alive Ultra Facial Cream*. This is a limited edition version of their Ultra Facial Cream and for each one sold Kiehl's donate £10 to the MTV Staying Alive foundation, which supports three projects around the world that help to empower young women. Kiehl's did send me this product, but by posting a picture of it on Instagram Kiehl's donated £10 on my behalf, as if I had bought the product. This is from 2016, but this was the second year Kiehl's had joined forces with a celebrity to front the product/campaign and design the lid of the limited edition pot. 2016 was with British singer/songwriter Laura Mvula and 2015 was with I believe Tiny Tempah. 

The cream itself is designed to be lightweight and easily absorbed but does contain ingredients with scientific sounding names designed to protect skin from harsh weather conditions. This can be used in the morning but it's one I prefer to use at night and one that I would probably also use in winter rather than the summer. Although I haven't tried the Ultra Facial Moisturizer yet I believe that one might be the lighter (and for me summer) version of the cream. The Ultra Facial Cream has surprised me as although my skin does have problems absorbing any product sometimes let alone excess product this is one where I can apply a little too much and I usually find that there is minimal product left on my skin, if any. It's a pretty amazing product!

Although this particular one is still on the website it is showing as sold out and as it's limited edition I doubt it will return until this years new limited edition is released. However you can buy the standard Ultra Facial Cream for £24 for 50ml and £43.50 for 125ml. 

Brand focus - Kiehl's
Brand focus - Kiehl's

The next two products were sent to me as part of an 'Introduction to Kiehl's' sample along with the two products I've yet to try. Starting with the Kiehl's Lip Balm #1*, I noticed there's a recent bad review of this on the Kiehl's website, but I believe that might be because the reviewer has misunderstood what this product is for. It's not a day-to-day product for slightly dry lips or for prepping them for lipstick application. The main ingredient is petrolatum, or petroleum jelly (like vaseline), so its a barrier to keep the elements away from chapped or cracked lips to help them heal. It's the sort of product I use on my nose when I've got a cold and my nose is raw from wiping/blowing and any other cream just stings and doesn't do much. In winter my lips can become really dry and difficult to deal with, but they haven't this year. I have suffered with some dryness around my lip line and this has been good for that. This is £9.50 for 15ml.

Finally, probably my favourite product is the Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate*. I received a sample of their Midnight Recovery Concentrate and was excited to use it, but then discovered it does have lavender in so I couldn't try it. Instead I turned my lusting to the Daily Reviving Concentrate (after double checking the ingredients) so I was over the moon when I received it to try. 

I do use oils at night, although I tend to prefer serums as they're easier for my skin to absorb, but I'd never considered using one in the morning in case my skin didn't absorb it well and I spent the daily oily. That really isn't a problem with this product. This is designed to strengthen skins defences against daily aggressors to keep it radiant looking all day. It contains ginger root, sunflower and tamanu oils to help skin feel fresh and looking energised. It may look yellow but it's only actually the bottle that is tinted, the oil itself is pretty much completely clear. I'm not a fan of yellow as a colour but there's something about the yellow bottle that really attracts me to using the product, it's kind of sunny and inviting!

One of the best things about this is the scent, which to me is almost chocolate orange like. It may be an oil but it's light and easily absorbed and perfect for using in the morning. It leaves my dry skin feeling hydrated and looking good. I love it! This one is £37 for 30ml and £49 for 50ml. All of these products (apart from the MTV Staying Alive Ultra Facial Cream) can be found on the Kiehl's website.

Are you a Kiehl's fan? What products would you recommend?

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  1. I tried quite a few Kiehl's products this year (they opened a store near me then, haha) and they've quickly became one of favourite skincare brands! I'd definitely recommend the Hydro-Plumping Re-Texturising Serum; it's great for dehydrated skin. I also really like the Breakout Control Spot Treatment.

    I've tried the Pore Minimising Lotion, by the way, and it's designed to be used as a moisturiser :) It's pretty mattifying though so I'd recommend it more for the Summer!

    1. I do like the sound of the Hydro-Plumping Re-Texturising serum, that sounds perfect for my skin. Oh and thank you, it doesn't really say on the bottle what it is so I wasn't sure how to try using the Pore Minimising lotion x


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