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Cheshire Wax Company handmade scented soy wax melts

Something I really wanted to do when I moved into my own place was to start burning candles and using scented wax melts regularly, and I really haven't! I've been in my house for eight months now and I think I've burned a candle about three times and used a wax melt once. I have no idea why, I have enough of the things lying around, so I need to change this. 

I was recently contacted by Cheshire Wax Company through Instagram and asked if I'd like to try out a few of their handmade scented soy wax melts. I took a look at the scents available on their website and decided I definitely needed to try a few out. So I was sent Cola bottles*, Bubblegum Pop!*, Strawberry & Mango Smoothie*, Sweat Candied Apple* and Coconut & Lime Slice*.

Cheshire Wax Company handmade scented soy wax melts
Cheshire Wax Company handmade scented soy wax melts

These particular wax melts are not perfectly made but have quite a rustic feel to them. They come in little squares, each in their own little cellophane packet featuring the Cheshire Wax Company logo and the scent of the melt. 

Coconut & Lime Slice 'A rich, creamy coconut fragrance enlivened by fresh lime and verbena'.

I obviously went for this one because it would smell like a Pina Colada and it does indeed smell like a Pina Colada cocktail.

Bubblegum Pop! 'Lots of citrus top notes, middle notes of strawberries, peach and mandarin oranges, resting on base notes of vanilla with a hint of wintergreen'.

I thought this one might smell like the bubblegum I used to like as a teenager (Hubba Bubba?) and it kind of does, very fruity with a creamy base.

Cola Bottles 'This melt is a zesty and refreshing homage to fizzy cola bottle sweets'.

I went for this one out of nostalgia as my brothers favourite sweets were always fizzy cola bottles and it does smell just like them.

Strawberry & Mango 'A luscious fruity floral fragrance, opening with a cocktail of succulent strawberries, rich cassis, mango nectar, crisp red apple, raspberry and invigorating citrus fruits. The floral heart blends precious notes of rose, jasmine, muguet and freesia, all resting on a woody, musky base finished with a trail of amber, sandalwood and dry fruits'.

I went for this one because I'm a fan of anything mango scented, but it is a little difficult to smell through the packaging. With so much packed into it I would have thought it would have quite a scent to it but at the moment I can only really detect light strawberry and mango.

Sweat Candied Apple (just Candied Apple online) 'A sumptuous accord of sweat caramel, apple and pear. Top notes of crisp apple, pineapple, orange, peach and coconut. Sweat caramel, creamy vanilla, and hints of jasmine lie at the heart, with base notes of sweat musk'.   

After the disappointment of the Glazed Apple festive fragrance not making a return to The Body Shop this year I thought this might be a replacement. This is a similar scent of sweat, fruity apples.

Cheshire Wax Company handmade scented soy wax melts
Cheshire Wax Company handmade scented soy wax melts

So far I have only tried one as if I gave them all a try you could be waiting a very long time for this review to come around! It's recommended to cut the melt into quarters and to start by just using one quarter, adding more if required, but I did go for half and it did fit in the existing burner I have. Some are shallower than other so you might need to start with just a quarter. Soy wax has a lower melting point than petroleum-based paraffin wax and I found it started to melt very quickly and was soon all melted. I went for Cola Bottles and it wasn't long at all before I could detect the scent in the air. I left the room once and when I came back the room was filled with the fizzy/sugary scent of cola bottles. I'm not sure that the scent went much further, my housemate didn't comment on it, but I do have my door almost closed anyway (for one because my mirror that hooks on stops it closing) as I'm not sure my male housemate will appreciate my candles/melts!

I have enjoyed using the one I have used so far and am looking forward to giving the others a try. As well as burners to burn your soy wax melts in Cheshire Wax Company also sell candles, with the melts costing £2.99 each, burners £14.49 and candles £12.49 to £13.99. You also get free delivery on orders over £15. You can find all of these over on their website (here). 

Have you tried anything from Cheshire Wax Company? 

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    1. I really need to start using them more often, some smell so amazing x

  2. The Cola Bottles and Bubblegum Pop ones sound amazing! I keep saying I need to buy a wax burner, as I actually have a few melts that I can't use haha.

    Kirsty Leanne


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