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Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Compact Duo

It's not something I really want to admit but I did judge Timeless Beauty quite harshly when I first came across the brand. There's no doubt that Joan Collins (founder of the brand) is a very glamorous lady, but Joan is in her 80s and so is old enough to be my great grandmother, so I thought the brand might not be for me. 

However before Christmas I was offered the opportunity to try a product from the Timeless Beauty range and that Charlotte Tilbury esq packaging and curiosity got the better of me and I decided to give it a try.

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Compact Duo

This is probably something I really should have blogged about before Christmas as 'the perfect thing to pop in your party clutch' but I was just too disorganised and didn't get round to it. I actually blogged very little in the run up to Christmas. 

The Timeless Beauty Compact Duo* features a face powder and lipstick together in an unusual compact. The packaging is definitely along the lines of Charlotte Tilbruy, gold and glamorous looking, and the compact itself has an art deco type design on the top. You'll find Joan's name on the front of the compact where you open it and also around the middle of the lipstick. You can see the lipstick through the top of the compact as it peeps up through a rectangular gap, but you can't remove the lipstick from the compact through this. 

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Compact Duo
Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Compact Duo

The compact has a strong magnetic closure that opens to reveal the lipstick, a face powder with puff and a mirror. Once the lid is open you can then pop out the lipstick that is gripped by the plastic slot it sits in. The powder is long and thin in shape, running alongside the lipstick and the mirror is just above this in the lid, the same shape as the powder but just slightly wider. You get a little rectangular puff with a small strap to pop your fingers in with Joan Collins printed across the strap. 

The compact is probably smaller than carrying a separate lipstick and powder with you, but possibly not by much to be honest as I would consider the compact reasonably large. There's also a little bit of weight to it, so whether or not you might want to take this out with you will depend on the bag you're using and how much you're planning to take with you.

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Compact Duo
Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Compact Duo

Unfortunately the lipstick shade I received is really not a good shade for me at all as it's a darkish brown that is quite harsh against my pale skin. If I was a bit edgier it might be something I could pull off, but it's not something I'm comfortable wearing. It's not something I've worn for any length of time but I can say it applies beautifully. It applies smoothly and effortlessly with no drag at all and one swipe is all that's needed. Although I haven't worn it for long it was very comfortable for the time I did wear it and the finish has a sheen to it; it's definitely not a matte but not glossy either. The name of this shade is Sabina.

The powder looks quite a lot darker than it's showing here in my pictures but despite that it appears to be translucent as I don't notice any addition colour on my skin. I generally prefer to apply powder with a brush but the puff included does the job of transferring some powder to the skin. When it comes to topping up on the go if you do suffer with oiliness I'd always recommend using a blotting sheet first to absorb the oil before then using powder to reset your base. I wouldn't want any oil transferring over to the puff and then in to the compact. 

Although I'm not sure it's a product I will be using I'm glad I got to try it and can appreciate that they are nice products. If the lipstick was in a shade that suited me this is definitely something I would have added to my collection.

Have you tried any products from Timeless Beauty?

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*PR sample

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  1. The packaging is very pretty, I have wondered how good the actual product was.
    Great review. I think this is something I'd play with first rather than order online.
    Gillian  xx

    1. Thank you. I wish the lipstick was more my shade so I could give it a good try but even if I wear it in the house I catch sight of myself in the mirror and give myself a scare! x


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