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New body and facial skincare products from Vichy

This is another very overdue post! I received these products towards the end of last year and obviously there was testing time and then Christmas rolled round and I was a bit lazy and then now it's February and yeah apparently I'm pretty unorganised. Must do better! But I am here now talking about a few new products from Vichy.

Vichy Ideal body Serum-milk and Quenching mineral & Double Glow Peel masks

As far as I'm aware Vichy have always been a facial skincare brand, but they've now broadened their product base with the Ideal Body range. The Ideal Body range consists of two products; a Serum-milk, which has a lightweight and silky formula and comes in a bottle, and a Balm, which is a rich balm that comes in a pot. My dry skin would suggest the balm would have been the best bet for me, but knowing how much my skin struggles with absorbing anything I apply on it I decided to try out the Serum-milk*. 

The Serum-milk has a lovely light floral fragrance, which I personally think you can only just detect, and it really does have a silky formula that you can feel while applying the product to your skin. This is perfect for my dry but difficult skin and leaves it feeling soft, hydrated and free from any annoying residue. The only thing I was slightly disappointed with was when I discovered that this does appear to contain shimmer. I noticed my hands were covered in shimmer and didn't know where it had come from until I tracked it back to this product. I haven't really been able to detect this on my skin after application though.

Vichy Quenching mineral & Double Glow Peel masks

Vichy have also recently released three new face masks and I received the Quenching Mineral mask* and Double Glow Peel mask* to try. Starting with the Double Glow Peel, this contains volcanic rock and Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) to gently exfoliate and remove dead skin cells to reveal smoother and more luminous skin. This has a lovely cooling gel texture and I like to apply it with a clean make-up brush (I have a flat foundation brush especially for this purpose) as it does come in a pot, which is not as hygienic as other packaging. You only need to leave this on for five minutes before rinsing it away and I find it instantly makes my skin look fresher. I do have to be careful with products like this as I do have quite sensitive and reactive skin, but I haven't had any problems at all with this; at most there's a slight tingle but in general it just feels cooling.

The Quenching Mineral mask contains Vichy's mineralising thermal water and vitamin B3 and has been developed for dry, thirsty and sensitive skin. Like the Double Glow Peel mask this has a lovely cooling, gel texture which is very welcome if your skin is feeling dry, tight and uncomfortable. You only need to leave this on for five minutes before you can then massage in or rinse off any remaining product.

This is the sort of product I would usually apply in the evening and just leave in place over night so my skin can get as much out of it as possible. This one does leave some product behind on the surface of my skin and unfortunately it really does leave my skin feeling quite tacky/sticky. So it's not one I'm happy to leave on over night unless I'm happy to wash my hair and pillow in the morning. The best option for me is to rinse off any remaining product, but as putting my skin in contact with water usually dries it out I feel like this does slightly undo some of the work the product has done.

Despite the stickiness this does leave behind I do really like it as a mask as it feels lovely to apply and wear and does inject some much needed moisture into my skin as it's the perfect consistency for my skin.

The masks are £14 each and the Ideal Body Serum-milk £16 and you can find them all on the shelves in your local Boots.

Have you tried any of Vichy's latest additions?

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*PR sample

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