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L'Oreal Elvive Colour Protect Low Shampoo Gentle Cleansing Cream

This is the sort of product I would have been over the moon to have discovered when I was (briefly) a red head. A budget colour protecting shampoo that doesn't contain SLS?! You see there are a lot of shampoos around that claim to be colour protecting, but yet they contain sulphates (SLS), which strip colour. So a colour protecting shampoo containing SLS is along the same lines as a freakshake claiming to fat free! To find a shampoo that can actually claim to be colour protecting, i.e. sulphate free, you'd have to look to high-end to the likes of Paul Mitchell, Maria Nila, Bumble & Bumble etc. I think the cheapest one I found was from L'Oreal (round of applause for L'Oreal) in the form of their EverPure range. If you're a £2 bottle of shampoo gal than you might not consider £6/£7 particularly budget, but right now this is apparently the best we can do. 

Just as a quick note, if you've seen the current Head & Shoulders advert there is no way the girl with the orange hair should be using Head & Shoulders. It's a colour stripper, it took my pretty much black hair down to dark brown (used as a stripping mask over several hours) so it would suck out that orange shade no problem at all!

One of the biggest problems I had when my hair was red was that I'm a big time oily hair sufferer and I have to wash my hair quite often, ideally every other day, but I do try to push it further if at all possible. The problem is I'm not a huge dry shampoo fan and nothing feels like properly clean hair, at least for me, and I'm not someone who feels comfortable when my hair feels dirty. Regular washing and coloured hair isn't a great combination, but when I'm using a more natural colour and have found the right dye it's not too bad. I'd still like my colour to last as long as possible though.

L'Oreal Elvive Colour Protecting Low Shampoo Gentle Cleansing cCam

Now, a low shampoo is something that will take some getting used to. Products that don't contain sulphates foam very little (because it's the sulphates that make them foam) and a low shampoo doesn't foam at all. To be honest you don't need the foam to clean your hair, we're just so used to associating a head full of foam with using shampoo and cleaning our hair. This is a cleansing cream, and so is much more like a conditioner than a shampoo, and in fact you use it just like I would use a conditioner, in place of a conditioner. You pump a good amount into your hands, apply it evenly from roots to tips, massage gently (remembering there won't be any foam), leave for three minutes (while you shave those legs etc) and then rinse out while combing through with your fingers. 

You do have to use quite a lot so you might get through it quite quickly, especially if you have long hair, but this covers shampoo and conditioner, so you only have to buy the one product. It's recommended to use 10-15 pumps, but I did find this too much for my shoulder length, thin but a lot of it and oily hair. I would say about 7 pumps appears to be about the right amount for me.

Did it clean my hair? Yes it certainly did. I don't see any difference between using this and a standard SLS containing/foaming shampoo. One thing I was concerned about was that both of the low shampoos currently available (this and an Extraordinary oil one) are designed for dry hair, so I thought they might be too much for my hair. I have used this four times now and 50% of the time I haven't rinsed it all out properly, so that is something I have to be very careful of. It is effectively like a conditioner, so you do have to give it a really good rinse and I really recommend using your fingers to help rinse it out like it tells you to on the bottle. Ideally I would like one designed for oily hair, or at least more for normal hair rather than dry, but because of the type of product this is (effectively a cleansing conditioner) I'm not sure if that's really possible.

As I said I've only used this four times so far, and I'm currently using a colour that doesn't fade really quickly, so I can't really comment on how colour protecting this is long term, but so far it's looking good.

The L'Oreal Elvive Colour Protect Low shampoo is £6.99 and can be found in Boots stores and on the Boots website.

Would you consider trying a low shampoo?

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  1. This is something i will definitely use. I'm naturally blonde but used to dye my hair lighter and was always sick of it fading etc. i went darker and that is annoying too because the colour washes out quite quickly. I'm going to go back light blonde again so will use this and alternate with a purple shampoo.

    1. The colour I originally used when I first died my hair really didn't fade at all so now I find fading really annoying! x


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