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Some new skincare additions from L'Oreal, The Body Shop and Sanctuary Spa

I've added a few new skincare products to my stash recently, so I thought I'd tell you about them. So here's a little something from L'Oreal, The Body Shop (I'm sure you know by now how much I love The Body Shop!) and Sanctuary Spa.

Some new skincare additions from L'Oreal, The Body Shop and Sanctuary Spa
Some new skincare additions from L'Oreal, The Body Shop and Sanctuary Spa

L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil Facial Cleansing Oil £7.99 (here)

I decided to give this a try when I spotted it was on offer in Boots down from something like £7.99 to just over £5. It wasn't particularly easy for me to get my hands on though. I headed into my local store and found that it was priced at £19.99 down to just over £13; what I believe is actually the price for their facial oil rather than cleansing oil. I didn't want to try buying it in case it did ring up as that price and it was a major hassle, but I did tweet Boots to let them know. Despite Boots telling me they'd contacted the store to tell them to correct it I went in a further 3/4 times and it was still the same price. I ended up picking this up in another store when I was visiting family.

Despite the hassle it took to actually get my hands on this I'm glad I finally managed to. Considering it's a budget to mid-level product (depending on how you personally class the pricing) I wasn't expecting amazing things from it and it has exceeded my expectations. It tells you to use 2-3 drops (I think it means pumps), which is plenty for the not particularly heavy make-up I wear day-to-day and it works really well. It has a pleasant scent, feels really smooth and glides over the skin and gets the job done. I thought it might struggle with more stubborn mascara but it whipped off the one I've been using (a Bobbi Brown one) with ease. It also left my skin feeling soft and smooth and hydrated.

Some new skincare additions from L'Oreal, The Body Shop and Sanctuary Spa

The Body Shop Vitamin E Gentle Facial Wash £7.50 (here)

I appear to be slowly making my way through all of The Body Shop's Vitamin E product range and my latest addition is their Gentle Facial Wash. My product of choice for my second cleanse in the evening and my morning cleanser is a cream cleanser used with water, but I haven't been particularly excited by any I've tried recently. I think this might be because I'm going for more budget options (because they're in my price range right now) and although I'm not opposed to budget cream cleansers I don't think they're quite as enjoyable to use as slightly higher priced ones.

I realised I had a £5 Love Your Body voucher and as I'm a fan of the Vitamin E range and this made this only £2.50 I thought I might as well give it a try. They do a product specifically called a cream cleanser but I believe this is one you use with cotton wool on dry skin and these usually irritate my skin. So I went for the facial wash, which is a creamy product you use with water.  

It's a nice enough product, but as I said it's not hugely exciting. It works fine as a second cleanse and morning cleanse and gets my skin clean. It can strip my skin a little sometimes, but that's a problem I do have with any product used with water as water tends to suck moisture out of my dry and dehydrated skin.

Some new skincare additions from L'Oreal, The Body Shop and Sanctuary Spa

Sanctuary Spa Warming Detox Charcoal Wash £9 (here)

I think it was last year sometime that Boots obviously did a bit of blogger outreach for their Sanctuary Spa brand and subsequently a few of their products made it on to my curiosity/wish list. The two products I particularly wanted to try were their charcoal wash, which I'm talking about here, and their cleansing balm. I picked this up when it was on offer, but held off picking up the cleansing balm yet. I'm glad I did now as I'm not so sure about trying that one anymore based on my thought's on this product. 

I thought this might be similar to the REN ClearCalm 3 Clarifying Cleanser, which is one of my favourite products, but it really isn't. It's a very unusual product. It starts off as a dark grey gel that then becomes a smooth oil as you massage it on your skin and when you add water it foams. This has quite a distinctive and not particularly pleasant smell and it took me a while to place it at first. It smells like paint. Yes, paint! As in painting the walls paint. That really isn't the kind of scent I want when I'm cleansing my skin to be honest. The oil stage isn't too bad, it feels nice, but when you add water it does get quite frothy. As in when you add more water to try and rinse it off it just keeps getting more frothy and can easily end up in your eyes if you're not careful. I find it best to use a flannel to try and remove it as quickly as possible.

I just find this a bit of a strange product. I'm not sure I like the whole gel to oil to foam thing and the smell isn't particularly pleasant. It does cleanse my skin, does help clear my congested chin a little and doesn't strip my skin, despite the foam, but I just don't really enjoy using it. Also I don't think I've actually detected the 'warming' effect at all.

Have you tried any of these products?

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  1. It's a shame you didn't get on with the Sanctuary product. I use a Body Shop face mask that's a warming one and I always imagined the Sanctuary product would be similar. I'll stick with my Body Shop one :)

    Rhi x

    1. I don't think I've ever tried a product that does actually provide a warming effect. I've always been a little cautious about products that do claim to as I have quite sensitive reactive skin and I don't know what produces the warming effect x

  2. I've tried almost the entire Body Shop Vitamin E range, and honestly, wasn't that blown away by it. At the time, however, I was just figuring out what my skin type actually was... Maybe that was why I wasn't a fan? I'm not sure, haha. Later I found out that I mainly have oily skin, and it's such a pain to find products for me that can control oil, but not strip moisture from my skin. The Lush face mask, Brazened Honey, has worked so perfectly! Great post x

    Kyia at WANDERLUSTGIRL// Lifestyle & Beauty
    Let’s be BLOGLOVIN friends!

    1. Well I'm sensitive and dry/dehydrated so the Vitamin E range might not be the perfect one for you as it's great for me x


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