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New in from Collection

I have several issues with the skin on my face, but the one I'm going to talk about in this post is redness. I've suffered with redness for years now and although it does sometimes look a lot better than others it has never disappeared completely. I mostly suffer across my cheeks, where I believe it is most common to suffer from redness, and depending on the state of my chin at the time I may have some redness there from a breakout or residual scarring. I did go to the doctors about it many years ago but was just told there was nothing they could do to help. Rosacea wasn't mentioned at all so I have no idea if that is what is the cause of my redness or not.

I used to use a green concealer/corrector but for some reason haven't used one for years now and have instead just relied on standard concealer. When I spotted that Collection were releasing some colour correctors within the Lasting Perfection collection I decided to give the Collection Lasting Perfection Colour Correction Concealer in green a try.

Collection Lasting Perfection Colour Correcting Concealer and Primed and Ready Make-up Fixing Spray

To be honest I was really surprised to actually find one in my local Superdrug that hadn't been opened/tested, but it was the only one there. While checking out the stand I discovered Collection had also just released a make-up fixing spray. I was planning to replace my L'Oreal Infallible one, which is pretty much empty, but they've increased the price by £1 recently. As the Collection Primed & Ready Make-up Fixing Spray is cheaper and was also on introductory offer I decided to give that a try instead. 

As the Colour Correcting Concealer is within the Lasting Perfection line it has exactly the same packaging as the existing concealer. It has a clear tube so you can see at a glance in your make-up bag that it's a green concealer and it has a doe foot applicator for applying the product. Recently I have used a green primer, but despite the product being green you couldn't tell it was green once applied. With this you can really tell it's green! You only need a small amount and I'd definitely recommend using this under your foundation because the slightly green tinge you're left with after blending doesn't quite disappear completely. This does completely knock out any redness through leaving an evened out (slightly green tinged) skin tone. 

Collection Lasting Perfection Colour Correcting Concealer and Primed and Ready Make-up Fixing Spray

The Collection Primed & Ready Make-up Fixing Spray comes in a simple black plastic 100ml bottle with silver/white writing. You can't see how much is left in the bottle but it's quite easy to tell how much is left by the weight and giving it a shake. The first time I sprayed this I was really impressed with the spray itself. Although the L'Oreal Infallible one had a pretty good spray on it this one sprays in a perfect even mist that doesn't leave your face feeling a little on the wet side. In fact I can't always quite feel it and probably end up using a little too much thinking I've missed. I haven't found this to leave me with any kind of powdery residue and it does what it's supposed to do; it helps my make-up stay in place longer and look better. 

You can find the Primed & Ready Make-up Fixing Spray (£5.99) at both Boots and Superdrug but I believe the Collection Lasting Perfection Colour Correcting Concealers (£4.19) might be exclusive to Superdrug.

Have you given either product a try?

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  1. I really want to try the lasting perfection correctors, the concealer is one of my favourites x

    Zoe Mountford x

    1. I really liked the concealer when I used it x

  2. I'd really like to try the Primed & Ready Fixing Spray. I'm currently using one from Barry M but it isn't as good as others I've tried. x

    Jordan Alice

    1. I noticed Rimmel have one as well now but they've called it something like a selfie spray or similar and I'm not keen on that! x


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