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New in from Lush - Bunny Moon Jelly face mask

If you're a Lush fan then you may have heard that a few Lush products are shortly going to be retired, or in other words, discontinued. I'm not usually bothered about the Lush products that are leaving us, they're often something I've not used or are not keen on if I have tried it. This time however it is a bit of a blow that The Comforter shower cream will soon no longer be available. Knowing just how popular The Comforter bubble bar is this feels like a strange move to me and every person I've spoken to about it online feels the same. But it is going, and so I've stocked up on a few bottles. I just wish I could afford to spend nearly £30 on 1kg of shower cream...

As is usually the case when old products are discontinued this is to make way for some shiny new products to hit the shelves. So far I'm aware of two new products, and both involve jelly. There's the new jelly bombs that turn your bath water to jelly (I haven't found these in my local store yet) and jelly face masks. 

Lush Bunny Moon Jelly face mask

Lush do like to come up with some quite unique product concepts, but they don't always quite work, like the solid in shower block of sun screen that lasted for I think three uses. Jelly products aren't new to Lush, they already have shower jellies (which are slippery little buggers but do work if you can keep hold of them!) but jelly face masks are new.

There are currently five jelly masks available and they're £6.95 for 65g, so 30p cheaper than their existing masks for 10g less. I suffer with redness across my cheeks and breakouts on my chin, so I decided to go for one called Bunny Moon. This contains antiseptic and moisturising honey, soothing and balancing rose oil, calming chamomile and marigold infusion and a little comforting vanilla absolute. There is some talc in there and a trace of fragrance, so that's worth bearing in mind if you are sensitive.

To use the mask you pinch off a bit (I used a little spatula I got with a hair dye to break some off) work it between clean, dry fingers to make a paste and then apply it to your face. Leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes and then rinse off. 

Lush Bunny Moon Jelly face mask

Before I go any further I want to talk about the scent. It's unusual, but oh it's gorgeous! I think it might be a combination of the rose and vanilla with a little hint of honey. It's difficult to describe but you have to go and have a sniff in store. I don't think it's one that everyone will like, but if you do like it I think you'll love it. It's not hugely easy to break a bit off as it is a jelly so there's that whole almost suction like effect, but it wasn't too difficult using my little spatula. I used a piece probably about the size of a small marble and there was enough, but I would like to use a little more in future. It's only a small tub but I can see it lasting a couple of months if you use it once or twice a week. I thought breaking it down into a paste wouldn't be that easy either but it melts down quite nicely. It then applies easily to the face but you might want to use a mirror to make sure your application is as even as possible. 

I don't know about the other masks but this is a joy to wear. You don't need to store these ones in the fridge as they're self-preserving, but it still had a slight cooling effect and just felt lovely against my skin. You can also smell it as well, which I found very soothing. When it comes to rinsing I would recommend using a facial cloth as it does set again and splashing water on your face is not enough to remove it all. Once rinsed off my skin felt amazing. Smooth and soft and soothed (with a reduction in redness) and I actually didn't do my second cleanse (I'd removed my make-up earlier in the day) because I didn't want to risk loosing how lovely my skin felt. I then applied my evening skincare and that absorbed really well.

One thing I've never been keen on with Lush face masks is having a shelf life of only three weeks, although in general I've always found them to last longer than that. However these ones, or Bunny Moon at least, have four months, so if I do accidentally forget about it for a week or two I'm not risking it having gone off. I can't see me forgetting about this one though as I'm dying to use it again, I love it!

Will you be trying one of Lush's new jelly masks? 

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