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Perfectil Plus Nails

Over the years I've gone through stages of taking different types of vitamins for different reasons. When I was younger I used to get back to back colds through the winter and so my mum thought it might be a good idea if I took vitamin C to see if that would help. I can't remember if it did, but I don't get that many anymore. More recently I started taking vitamin D and calcium tablets because I was concerned (and still am) about my bones and joints. I'm not sure if it helped my bones and joints in any way but one thing I did notice was my nails grew like crazy and were in really good condition. I'm not sure why I stopped taking those, I really should start up again. 

I received an email asking if I would like to try out Perfectil, which is a daily supplement designed to help improve the condition of your skin, hair and nails. There are a few different types available including ones to specifically target either your hair, skin or nails, or a max version to cover all three. There's always room for improvement in my hair and skin but as my nails weren't in the best condition at the time I was sent Perfectil Plus Nails extra support*

Perfectil Plus Nail extra support

Perfectil contains biotin for skin, zinc for hair and selenium for nails and as mine were more targeted towards nails they contained extra selenium. In each pack you get 60 tablets and as you're directed to take two a day that's a 30 day supply. They're to be taken with meals (they should only be taken on a full stomach) and should be swallowed with water rather than chewed (I haven't chewed one but I wouldn't recommend trying it). If you're not good with swallowing tablets then I don't think these will be for you as they are huge! I'm not bad at swallowing tablets at all, in fact I can take some without needing a drink to wash them down, but I struggle with these sometimes.  

Perfectil Plus Nail extra support

One of the first things you notice when you pop one of the tablets out is the smell, which I don't find particularly pleasant. It's definitely a smell that other similar tablets have but I can't really place what it is. I guess it's a natural kind of smell. As I've already mentioned these are pretty big so they're not the easiest to take and you know when you swallow a tablet and then shortly after start burping the taste of it, that can happen with these. They also come in quite large blister packs so they're not really ideal for taking out and about with you if you're eating out and so need to take your tablet then. 

Perfectil Plus Nail extra support

As I mentioned I did struggle taking these at times and along with the smell and the taste if one didn't go down well this meant they certainly weren't the nicest tablets to take. Although I did see an improvement in the condition of my nails it wasn't as big an improvement as I saw taking calcium and vitamin D and as they are also much more pleasant to take (a bit like large citrus refreshers you can chew) I would personally prefer to take those ones over these.

Have you ever taken a beauty supplement like this?

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  1. I have been taking the Asda Skin Hair and Nail supplements, they are very similar. I would love an update on how you get on with these! Thanks for sharing x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin


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