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Secret Scent Box + Discount code

I might have mentioned before that I've been a bit of a perfume addict in the past; at one point I owned over 30 different perfumes. I put myself on a spending ban and tried to use them up, but in the end I ended up throwing away a lot of them as I know they deteriorate over time.

Now I try to be much more selective when I buy perfume, or ask for it as a gift, but there are so many out there it can be really confusing. I occasionally go and try some new ones in Boots, but often by the time I get home I forget which ones I tried let alone which ones were my favourite.  If you're a big fan of perfume but can feel a little overwhelmed when it comes to choosing a new one then there's a subscription box that might be perfect for you. 

Secret Scent Box

Secret Scent Box* is a designer fragrance discovery box; a monthly subscription where you'll receive three mystery perfume samples each month. You'll receive a 30 day supply, which is enough to take you through until you receive your next box. The box is letter box friendly, so you don't have to worry about being in to receive your box, and you can choose from a perfume or aftershave subscription. 

If you're somebody who likes to mix things up a bit and don't tend to stay loyal to one or two fragrances you can use the subscription to provide you with a few different scents each month. Or if like me you want to find a few new fragrances that you love you can use the subscription to help you discover them.

Secret Scent Box
Secret Scent Box

I was sent the September edition to try out. When you open the box you'll find three little sample sized bottles, the same size as the ones you might be given in department stores. They might be a small size but what I like about the bottles is they do come with a pump spray; I find the ones you have to tip on to your finger really annoying. Each one also comes with a little lid on so you can chuck them in your bag and not have to worry about them getting knocked and accidentally spraying. You'll also find a little card telling you about each scent, including the top, middle and base notes. I think this is a great idea as you can identify notes that are common across fragrances you like and this can then help you identify other fragrances you might like based on the notes they contain.

Secret Scent Box
Secret Scent Box

In my September box I found scents from Armani, Vera Wang and Calvin Klein. I've always wanted to try a Vera Wang fragrance but unfortunately for me one of the top notes in Sheer Veil is lavender; a scent I hate and a plant I'm allergic to. So far I've tried Armani Because It's You, a new scent this year that I'm currently enjoying, and next I'll be trying out Calvin Klein Contradiction. 

If you fancy signing up for your own monthly Secret Scent Box it's £15 a month with free UK & European delivery. The guys over at Secret Scent Box have also kindly given me a discount code so you can get 15% off your first box. just enter code BECKYBLOG15 at the checkout. You can sign up for Secret Scent Box here.

Is Secret Scent Box a subscription box you would try?

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*PR sample. I will receive £2 for every customer that signs up using my unique code

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  1. ake a sniff of your wrist or back of your hand after 15-30 minutes (or longer!) to see how the Perfume Samples has developed. You should also try testing scents earlier in the day, as our sense of smell usually peaks in the morning and that's the time of day when you'll be sharpest.


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