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Sonic Chic Urban Sonic powered toothbrush

Today (October 4th - correction, it's actually 6th this year!) is National Smile Day and to celebrate I was sent the Sonic Chic Urban Sonic powered toothbrush* to try out.

Using an electric toothbrush is something I appear to go through stages of. I get one (a cheap-ish one I'm talking here!), I use it until the head needs replacing, I never get round to replacing the head and end up back using a standard manual toothbrush again. I'm really pleased with how straight my teeth are after years of orthodontic work (I still have a permanent retainer on the back of my top teeth) but recently I've been worrying about how yellow my teeth are starting to look. I'm concerned about using any kind of whitening treatment because I suffer with sensitive teeth and I don't think the two mix well. So I've been trying to use whitening toothpaste/mouthwashes and have been thinking about trying an electric toothbrush again. 

Sonic Chic Urban Sonic powered toothbrush

The Sonic Chic Urban toothbrush is a travel friendly toothbrush that comes in it's own case; the lid pulls off to reveal the brush head. The toothbrush features 22,000 strokes per minute and comes with one replacement head and a battery (it takes one AAA battery). The Sonic Chic Urban comes in 12 different designs (mine is Floral Peacock) and there is also a deluxe version available which comes in silver or rose gold. 

Sonic Chic Urban Sonic powered toothbrush
Sonic Chic Urban Sonic powered toothbrush

As is usually the case with electric toothbrushes the head is quite compact but it is shaped like a manual toothbrush head rather than round. I'm aware that I usually press far too hard when using a manual toothbrush, I just can't help it, and recently I've been suffering from quite a lot of bleeding from my gums. I haven't experienced that at all with this, especially as the whole toothbrush really does feel quite dainty, so I tend to go lightly with this because it does feel a little like it might snap if I press too hard (which I'm finding is a good thing). 

I love that it comes in it's own case because it's perfect for travel (I never quite know what to do with my toothbrush when I'm going away) and also at home I haven't really got anywhere to store a toothbrush at the moment that is particularly hygienic. You don't have to worry about the head being able to dry properly once the lid is on because their are three small holes in the lid so air can get in. 

The on/off switch is a little on the stiff side; at first I did actually think mine might be broken because I didn't realise how hard you need to press to turn it on. I do struggle with this sometimes but I do have problems with strength in my hands. I also like that it takes a battery rather than having to be charged via the mains. You just need to remember to have a replacement battery ready for when the battery does run out. The battery can last for 120 days assuming it's used for two minutes twice a day, I don't think that's bad at all. 

For £20 the Sonic Chic Urban is a pretty good basic level brush. If you do want to go for something slightly more advanced as I mentioned there is also a deluxe model for £30. That one vibrates every two minutes to tell you to move to a new section of your mouth, powers off after two minutes and also charges via USB. You can find both models and replacement heads in Boots stores.

Do you use an electric toothbrush?

*PR sample

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