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Old English Company

I recently received an email from a brand called Old English Company asking if I'd like to receive a few of their products to feature. The company name rang a bell and after a few seconds of trying to work out why I realised I'd bought one of their enamel pins last year from an independent shop just around the corner from my house. As much as I love trying and discovering new brands it's also nice to be contacted by a company that you have already purchased from.

Old English Company have a wide range of products to choose from including prints, cards, stationery (planners, notebooks, notepads, calender's), homeware (pillowcases, tea towels, mugs, coasters) and accessories (pins, keyrings, embroidered patches and make-up bags. 

Old English Company print and pins
Old English Company 'You've got this' print

Old English Company have a huge range of prints to choose from. I believe there are over 150 different designs available, including ones that can be personalised to celebrate a special occasion like an anniversary or birth. I haven't checked every print on the website but most of them appear to be available in several sizes, from smaller sizes such 8x10 up to much larger sizes like A3. On some prints there is also the option for different colour schemes or different colour backgrounds. 

I wanted a motivation type phrase and chose a gold foil design of 'you've got this'. I think we all need a little push sometimes to keep us going and let us know we're doing okay and even better if it comes in a pretty metallic gold finish. My print is an 8 x 10 size and is £16, which is slightly more expensive than some of the other prints due to the foil design. 

I've ordered one print before from another company and I was disappointed that it came on what felt like standard paper and it got a bit creased from just handling it. I was pleased to find this came on what felt more like thick paper/thin cardboard and this hasn't got creased in any way from handling it. I might try and find a large piece of gold metallic card to mount it on to then pop on the side of my wardrobe near my desk.

Old English Company leaf pin
Old English Company fingers crossed pin

I've always been a fan of using pins and brooches to add something to plain jackets, coats and cardigans. After attending a terrarium workshop at a local gift shop I spotted a monstera pin I wanted to add to the lapel of my black mac. I love how my monstera pin looks so I decided to choose a couple more pins to try. 

I'm not keen on pins that have anything written on them because I don't like people getting too close and trying to read them! So I went for another leaf design (Plant Leaf) pin (I'm not sure what type of leaf this one is) and a Fingers Crossed pin, to hopefully give me a bit of luck. I like that Old English Company's pins have a good tight fastener, which does make them a little difficult to get off the card for me (I don't have good grip), but does mean they feel really secure once in place. Both pins are £7, as I believe all of their pins are. All three pins I own are really good quality, perfectly finished, and look really nice once in place. 

I really like how clean and simple the Old English Company website is. The website design has actually changed over the couple of days I've been getting this post ready but I like the new design even more. I'm really pleased with the products I chose and would definitely consider adding more of their pins to my collection.   

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