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The Body Shop Vanilla Pumpkin hand cream

If you've followed my blog for any length of time then you're probably aware that I'm a big fan of The Body Shop's hand creams. There are loads of scents to choose from and each year in the run up to Christmas The Body Shop usually release three limited edition Christmas scents. More on this shortly. I recently spotted on social media that there was a new scent on the block, so I headed down to pick up Vanilla Pumpkin. 

The Body Shop Vanilla Pumpkin hand cream

I am a little confused as to what the new scent is for. As I said each year The Body Shop release some limited edition Christmas scents and this does appear to have a little Christmas design on the pumpkin on the packaging. But pumpkin really isn't a Christmas scent, it's way too early to release a Christmas scent yet, and there's only one of them. So maybe The Body Shop thought they'd just jump on the everything pumpkin trend in the run up to Halloween.

These used to be a bargain at £3.50 but then they crept up to a still quite reasonable £4. They've now jumped up to £5, which I'm just about comfortable with, that's not too bad, but I'll be disappointed if they go up any more. 

To be honest, when I'm carving out a pumpkin I really don't like the smell. But when it comes to pumpkin scents I don't personally think they smell anything like raw yucky pumpkin. Actually I am quite new to pumpkin as a scent, but I do have a couple of DW Home candles in pumpkins scents which I love, and this does smell similar. Pumpkin with a creamy vanilla edge. 

As always with these hand creams it sinks in quickly leaving no residue behind and keeps my hands nicely moisturised. You really can't go wrong with these. You can find them in The Body Shop stores and online.

Have you tried any hand creams from The Body Shop?

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  1. I love TBS hand creams but I have never tried this one before. I am really excited to go to my local store and give it a sniff though!

    Emily xo

  2. The aroma immediately subdued me. It feels vanilla, unobtrusive hints of pumpkin, and for some reason I feel the hazelnut. At first I liked the effect of the cream. He well softened the skin of his hands, moisturized, softened the cuticle. But when it got a little colder outside, he was weak. Hands began to dry faster.

    //Regards Cecily, student


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